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Replace The Bootanimation Android Tricks

Failed To Replace The Bootanimation? Try this way-Has a unique smartphone and other than others, can indeed be pride. So many ways is done by the user to beautify the look of their smartphones with a variety of ways. Starting from a simple way like install third party application launcher, replacing the bootanimation, boot logo, to the way that the install custom rom like extreame.

One of the ways I try to apply is to try replacing the bootanimation. Alasanya only because it bored and want a new atmosphere, and also so that my smartphone looks different. This time, I am looking for info on how to change the bootanimation tutorial. His pace is not too difficult, and the tools used can also be found quite easily in the play store.

The basic requirement to be able to replace the bootanimation not difficult, you just need root access, the application file, as well as explore bootanimation in zip format. His pace is also simple, you simply open the application root or explore explore. Then go into the directory system, the media, and find a file called previous change previewed permision from RW to RO. Rename the file named into the name of anything you like.

Tutorial how to change the boot animation on android.

And bootanimation that you have that you will use as a replacement for the default bootanimation. Change the name of the file being if using another name. Because usually it is indeed using the default name of the file like or others. Then copy and pastekan in the directory system, the media, to change the default bootanimation that previously you had to rename. And complete, please reboot your HH.

Mostly it works on the majority of android Smartphone type. But strangely, the way failed me apply my HH. Even though I've followed all the steps correctly. But when I reboot, the display HH bootanimation remains unchanged. So, what's wrong? Whether HH I cannot replace the bootanimation?

Because of the curiosity, I finally determined to do a test to find the problem. And as it turns out, the way I apply managed successfully. Do you want to know how what I use? Turns out after I find out the cause of the failed replace bootanimation that I do, I find the conclusion, that not all HH using a file with the name as the bootanimation system. Because on my HH, bootanimation that is active is the bootanimation that is using the name So the normal way used by many people, do not apply in my HH. Incidentally I use mtk chipset HH-6572.

If you've ever had failed to replace the bootanimation in the usual way, maybe you can do some research like I do. How, go into the directory system, media. Then open the file or press other files nearby which has the zip format. Usually if you use root Explorer, you will instantly be able to see its contents. is a zip file that contains multiple images. Press each image, if the image is in it the same as the bootanimation that is active at the moment. If not, try searching for other files underneath it in the form of zip. And then do the same thing. When you find the zip file which contains pictures with the same bootanimation that is active at the moment, then immediately see file names, remember well.

Then go to the file that you want to use. Rename into the same name as the zip file which contains the pictures bootanimation that is active at the moment. Copy, and then headed to a zip file containing images of an active bootanimation, and then rename the name anything as you like. Then pastekan the file you copy the bootanimation above to replace the file you rename bootanimation. Complete, and try rebooting your HH now.

How this works I apply, without any problems. Even I can mutually bootanimation whenever I want. For now, I use the bootanimation Sony Xperia on HH Vertu X-Bo V1 I. Bottom line, if you fail to replace the bootanimation with normal way, try to do a test run with figuring out the bootanimation with file name what is active for your HH. Hopefully helpful, and happy coding.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 10:09 am

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