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Assalamu ' alaikum wa rohmatullahi wa barokatuh.

So glad finally after long time no post article today I can vent on this blog. Just info if this blog exposed Google sandbox, which means direct visitors dwindled to 80% of the visitors are usually.

Finally browse search problem, dapet points like this;

  1. Blog Optimization too. (regular again, hehe)
  2. Too many posts in one day (it may be, too, that time I post more than 20 articles in one day on another blog.
  3. Too many repeating keyword.
  4. Duplicate meta descripsi and title.

Then immediately repaired one by one;

  1. Direct hunting handyman copas. Each malem ronda in front of laptop nyari blog agc (auto generate content) that the article Damaged Phones nyuri, there are approximately 50 blog content the same as the content of Om phone. Directly laporin lawsuit to DMCA takedown.
  2. Fix seo blog.
  3. Google + install badge (hopefully loyal readers ' cell phone ' can help by clicking + 1, so that the Robephone page is getting better in the eyes of search engine or
  4. Fix the contents of content has to do with copy and paste.

Hopefully within a month to the front there is a perbaikian, and the ' cell phone ' could escape from bondage, Google sandbox. Don't forget to help us by pressing the g + and + 1 on every page you read on a cell phone is broken.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:57 am

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