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Rumors of price and specs for the latest iPhone 7 October 2015

Rumors of price and specs for the latest iPhone 7 October 2015 ~ speaking of cellphones and gadgets, smartpone indeed is endless. Because, every day there are just the latest brand with hp output and of course the price also varies. So also with the advanced smartphone iPhone issued by Apple, with its newest iPhone 7 series featuring some of the latest features and iPhone 7 also touted by State and the thinnest smartphone in the world.

Price and specification iPhone 7

Indeed the current smart phone is not yet officially launched, but it's been a lot of leakage of sophistication and a very attractive feature of the smart phones on this one. Rumors iPhone 7 are beredanr, will use the new operating system being prepared by Apple i.e. iOS9 with a series of very many of the latest features with an emphasis on power savings alone.

In Memory of HP, if the iPhone 6 before using 16 GB internal memory up to 128 GB, 7 iPhone no longer gives a choice of memory size of 16 GB. For most iPhone 7 for most low memory is 32 GB.

As for the size of the RAM on the iPhone rumor mill has a capacity of 7.5 GB, very large for the size of HP'S smartphone on the market, of which the majority are only about 4 GB only. And of course if the rumors were true then HP iPhone 7 will be a smartphone with the largest RAM. On the iPhone camera 7, pixelnya is also higher than the iPhone 5 and 6 plus before, namely the main camera 12MP as much higher than the previous HP only 8 MPS only.

The benefits or advantages of 7 iPhone is the latest technology "Wireless Charging" that function is that we can do Wireless charging process, we just need to put in the dock the iPhone that HP has provided.

Apple iPhone 7 Prepare the middle with iOS 4, the following Leakage rates and Specifications

The Following Details


Smartphone iPhone 7 are supported with a maximum which is much more better than a smartphone iPhone 5. Smartphone Apple has received a lot of complaints about the quality and size of the screen or LCD iPhone 5.


HP Apple iPhone 7 will be released in the market with a supported camera with resolution of the camera by 20 MP and hp camera iPhone 7 are supported by 1080 pixel HD recording of the latest apple and hp is supported with the front camera with resolution of 8MP.


Smartphone Apple iPhone 7 are supported with a capacity of up to 256 GB. With a very large memory capacity will greatly facilitate the users to store the various files or photos into this most recent hp iPhone memory.


Apple's latest Smartphone namely hp iPhone 7 are supported with a long battery life and this latest iphone mobile phone 7 will be powered by a battery from organic materials and will replace Li-On battery.


IPhone price 7 will be released in the market will probably be around a bit above the price of the Apple iPhone smartphone 6. According to rumours circulating the latest iPhone smartphone will be released about $ 649 to $ 849 for the iPhone 7 or if dirupiahkan, the price i * hone 7 it can reach market price 12 million and above.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:10 pm

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