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Samsung Champ C3303 Speaker Line

Solution no sound speakers and mic on Samsung Champ-here is how to fix the damage at the Samsung audio this type, the characteristics of the resulting damage is;

  • ridak sound speakers there are, so that we do not hear the voice of the caller when nelpon.
  • the sound of mic also does not come out, so that our voice is not heard by the caller.
  • but the voice ringtone/buzer there is normal.

Then the fix is to check the first line of speakers from the foot of the solderan as shown picture, if no one then please disconnect jumper at the resistor that is circled in red.

How to cope with the damage no sound speakers and mic on samsung Champ C3303
Samsung Champ C3303 Speaker Line

So how to resolve error on Samsung Champ c3303 audio hopefully this article can help a colleague get servisan similar.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 4:42 am

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