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Samsung GT S5233S Can't Open SMS-Initialization-

Samsung S5233S can't open sms menu
Samsung S5233S Can't Open SMS

The mobile phone is broken — this time enter servisan hp brand Samsung GT S5233S type that comes from his friend ya me with complaints as follows;

  • Cannot open the SMS menu
  • When selected the menu SMS that comes out even writing ' initializing ' constantly with images loading.
  • The cards used in other normal hp isn't a problem.

In mind already imprinted when these edges would at full hard reset which will remove all data stored in the hp, so I ask ya me to confirm with the owner of the hp a consequence that would be posed once full hard reset it.

Finally he backup the entire data, then given to me.

Up in the store directly executed by the workmanship of the lightest beforehand, here below;

  1. Do the initial settings for a Samsung phone phone code when prompted the love code ' 0000 ' (four times zero) which is standard code. Result = still unresolved.
  2. Do a full hard reset for Samsung by typing the code * 2767 * 3855 # wait a while and restart the hp looks menu initially has turned into a standard menu.
  3. Checked reset by opening the SMS menu and can be opened and turns back to normal.
  4. Completed.

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Hopefully readers who get similar cases can be resolved by using this method.

Updated: April 14, 2016 — 7:23 pm

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