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Secrets Of The Clans Clash Of Play Cheat You Need To Know

There are many ways to be strong in the users Clash Of Clans, one of which is by playing the clash of clans cheat or use a cheat. How does being the fastest way to build towns and fortifications as well as mengerakan troops – troops strong. But this way has long been abandoned, Developers Clash Of Clan have found a loophole and closes bugs that make this game can cheat.

Play by using a cheat or hack, will certainly be felt quickly dull when compared with the fight starting from scratch. For you beginners how to – the following ways you can do to maximize your game and be strong in no time.

Use the Gem to buy a Builder

Gem is the premium currency in the game Clash of Clans. For your free player you need to use a gem by gem karna as possible could not be obtained easily, you must complete the achievement or the mission to get the gem.

At the beginning of the game you will get two builder for free. But the cost for getting the third hugely expensive builder i.e. 500 gem. Never use the gem to accelerate development, however save and use the gem to buy builder or the workers again. As more and more builders then development of the town also you more quickly.

Do Not Hesitate To Attack Opponent

If you already have a lot of troops, then don't ever doubt the assault on the city. By attacking your opponents town akna get Gold, and the Elixir of a Gold mine or Elixir Collector that you can use to build the city.

Attack is an important activity in the COC, make sure the elixir you collect is always spent to do research in the Laboratory to obtain the forces that can help you tear apart the enemy headquarters.

Complete The Achievement

Achievement is also important for you to complete. By completing the Achievement, you will get a prize in the form of gems that you can use to buy builder. The prizes obtained from Achievemen vary from tens to hundreds of gem. Remember collect gems and use as possible.

Join Other Clan

Join other cla is one great way that you can do. By joining another clan, you will get a lot of information to make your troops and fortifications became stronger. Share your troops and get the troops of clans is a powerful makes you grow up faster in games the COC. If friends-friends your clans share a strong troops, village you will be able to last longer when there are attacks.

That's The Secret Tips Play Clash Of Clans Cheat You Need To Know. Not many know this way, so almost most people confused with what he had to do. Hopefully the tips Secrets Play Clash Of Clans this Cheat can help you build a stronger city.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:25 am

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