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Smart Telecom Andromax AD686G Restart After Entering Water Logo

Smart Telecom Andromax AD686G Restart Logo after entering the water-this is a cell phone belongs to the neighbor who accidentally fell into the water while he was in the shower, but unfortunately when water kecemplung positions in the flame alive. Running out of water and installed batteries again repealed, it turns out that light does not perform only the dark alone though a mobile phone Flash (known from the voice of the boot).

Once in my hands, dismantled and kesing tulangannya and sure enough between lcd and pcb Board there are still remnants of water. And a rather fatal at the socket and socket lcd touchscreen because it raises the sort of corrosion that causes the lcd light does not light up.

After dijumper the path of the light on the flexible lcd (not on purpose I include the picture because the path is very clearly seen from the flexible), I plug it in again and it turns out that lcdnya appears but restart Smart Telecom logo only.

Solution restart your Smart Telecom logo Andromax AD686G due to water;

The test is turned on without a plug socket on the pcb, touchscreen phone with a normal flame. There are still the corrosion in the socket touchscreennya, clean with the brush until the legs are not socket bolt.

Was planning to do a hard reset manual on this phone, but the damage is not in the software, but all I include only,

 How To Hard Reset Smart Telecom Andromax AD686G:

  • Press the Volume Down + Back button + Power button at the same time hold up out of the Android robot.
  • Select The Home Button
  • Select wipe data/factory reset, use the Volume Key Down
  • Press option button
  • Select ' yes–delete all user data '
  • Then restart the phone will wait until it is finished.

So how to overcome damage to restart due to Andromax Smart Telecom logo enters the water, may be useful.

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Updated: April 8, 2016 — 8:03 pm

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