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Solution for lead paste dries

Usually when we buy a paste of lead in packaging such as bottles of balm usually utilised by us only half of it, while the rest have already dried up.

Unlike when we bought Tin paste in tube packaging such as injections, usually hard to dry out. And we can use up to the last drop.

For that I will share a bit of a solution to the problem. Cekidot;

  • We usually also use tube-shaped amtech solder oil such as injections. Well, the empty bottles disposed. So, when we buy a tin of pasta in bottle balms lived we move to bottles amtech.
  • When Tin pastanya have already dried up, then the way to mengencerkannya so that it could be used again is to add oil amtech into Tin paste above, we then stir until blended.

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So a little solution to overcome the lead pasta that is already drying up.

Updated: April 14, 2016 — 10:00 pm

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