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Why BB always restart-9220 for articles this time was light with light handling damage anyway, but when the less thorough we sometimes inappropriately in providing handling because we always remember bb davis are totally off, short, redblink, so sometimes we skip it.

The solutions address the bb 9220 who like restart when tersenggol although a bit.

Note the connections on the battery connector, the plot Board pcb Connector > > > > Battery

The solution is;

  1. Check the battery touches the cross-section to the connector, usually dirty black because of the frequent friction with connectors, the black dirt kikis back so yellow copper (usually using the tip of a screwdriver (-) so the shit black lost and average fixed cross-section)
  2. Also check the connectors, remove the connector from the reinforcement renggangkan back in order to really press on board pcb, also clean the edges with a cutter/sileet so it is not left behind shit.
  3. Check the connectors on the pcb Board cross section, in this section often dirty black clean also like the stage number 1 by using a razor blade/screwdriver (-) so that the surface becomes yellow brass and clean.
  4. So essentially clears the entire battery connection towards pcb Board, because if less fit will cause a restart or dead fit menu.

The characteristics of bb davis 9220 can be resolved in this way are:

  • Easy restart if tersenggol or fall slightly but not overpowering.
  • Loading long, sometimes fit the menu immediately shut down or restart again.
  • BB will run normal ap [abila assisted with the charger when used, but when the charger is removed then the ailment kumat again.

So how to cope w davis that restart because the damage is already done in light of the above stages is apparently still a restart then please check the other components.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:35 pm

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