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Replica iPhone solutions does not Read SIM card

Why iPhone replica is not read never get the servisan from his friend adek that brings iPhone replica, which as we know if this smartphone simnya very small card size with the size of the nano. And the iPhone is not the sim card inserted when detek but recently bought and cards if fitted to other iPhone no problem.

And so suspicious again if his friend is also so so resellers can replica iPhone cases are the same, the iPhone its not reading the sim card inserted.

Overcoming iPhone that does not read sim card.

The cause of the iPhone replica is not read sim card:

  1. After noting the iPhone sim from containers made of metal entirely.
  2. Cut your sim card then the ends ever to the sim pin is brass.
  3. Well, brass pins or sim in iPhone sim container mounted on the last it will happen short the pins on each other.

The iPhone does not read sim solutions:

  1. The solution pairs of masking tape or paper paste the sim holder fits in the container on the sim
  2. So that the fitting is installed again the sim receptacle sim to pinnya about the duct tape
  3. Remember this is just one of the causes and the solution, if this method is not successful there could be damage in others.

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So the solution for the iPhone menagatsi not read sim card that hopefully useful to readers who have experienced similar things.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 11:08 am

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