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Why Neo Oppo r831k no this time will discuss signals which is never appeared on this type of smartphone, even though the sim card is unreadable in sight at the moment appears after booting is complete then there will be a notice terbacanya the sim but the signal still telltale criss-cross.

The sim card also tested other places nice vice versa Oppo Neo r831k installed the sim card to another slot, both still shows the signal bars with cross mark.

It does not appear the signal on oppo r831k

After disassembled cable that connects the antenna turns at the bottom towards the top pcb pcb turns out to have not been installed and of course it became the cause of the signal cannot be detected.

Already granted so basically check first the connection cable that connects the antenna to the top of the pcb due to connection must be attached to strong to be able to get full signal bars.

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So how to overcome the r831k neo Oppo doesn't appear the signal, but keep in mind this is only one cause only if the signal is still not showing up is of course still there are other damages that need to be searched.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 3:30 am

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