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Solutions for battery depleted easy multitester

Solutions for battery depleted easy multitester-one of the tools that are very familiar with the flurry of technicians is multitester multitester, because with it we can measure line on pcb, measure the resistance, to check your mobile phone already short or not, and others.

But because often we wear this multitester, sometimes we do not consciously turns his battery is up. Or maybe after wearing him we forgot to turn it off, so that wastes the battery. Well, if her battery is up it could make our work become sluggish because had to go to the store used to be to buy a new battery.

In fact, sometimes the age of the battery did not reach a week when we are very busy. So what is the solution? Well, this is one of the solutions of I might be able to help.

First, we know that the input to the multitester it is 9v. So we search just the AC adaptor 9v output used, or it could be a used charger but wear the charger output 5v sehinggan only about the performance of the multitester will be less good.


Furthermore, we are just the tip of the soilder adapter or charger to battery connector from yesteryear multitester origin do not put upside down the pole (+) and (-).

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Now we no longer need to worry if the battery runs out again, with the concentration of living servisan course. But what if the power goes out again? If I still used to work, right off the other tools can also be used if the power goes out. hehehe

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:02 pm

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