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Some of the formation of the COC Base you need to know

Who the hell is this moment does not know Clash of gaming Clans. Since the first launchingnya this game exactly on June 13, 2012 for the android platform are already getting lots of positive opinion and an average 5-star feedback application for this one. There are some clans clash of group a base that can be practiced in your COC account.

COC game is indeed a real time strategy game will continue to run every account though in conditions not being actively played in mobile. Well the game like this probably does look for a lot of people, no matter how obvious the game goes online. Well in arranging the layout layout base of interest in COC there are some types of tablets, and certainly has its advantages and disadvantages of each.

 Article about the clash of clans

Base type of Farming, the base type of this of course is focused in getting Defense for 12 hours from opponents who will attack. The step is done usually is putting it outside the town walls and the loot is placed in it.

Base type Throphy, which like this is a base which is not too ignore the resource or loot taken by the enemy. This base just focus to protect villages so that the opponent's attack later is not to get a big Trophy.

While the base type of a Hybrid is a combination between the two base above. If we keep on doing innovation of course we will get the best base for us. Strategy game like the COC provides an awful lot of our freedom to innovate and deliver the best strategy so that we become more powerful fortress.

Well for those of you who've been impatient want to download games this one of course you can go straight to the page and download the game file playstore COC. Perhaps for those of you who have already begun to understand and enough enthusiasm to get the premium stuff you can buy directly from a store that was already allocated to people who want to get the ease of upgrading his COC account with their money. But certainly it would be more fun if you get it yourself and enjoy the passing COC Games alone.

Updated: May 3, 2016 — 10:18 am

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