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Invalid Imei Repair Stages Advan S4E Right loss of the imei of the Advan s4e this could be because the process of flashing through the sp flashtool as already discussed on the page how to easily do the s4e advan flash when we type in * # 06 # for checking the imei number will appear the words then Invalid. And if the imei become invalid then we are not able to access the sim card, so we can't do the incoming and outgoing sms as well along with other sim is functional.

Overcoming the s4e advan lost its imei

The following stages of repair imei advan s4e:

  1. Extract the file Framaroot URv1.9.3.apk
  2. Install the apk file to the advan s4e you
    • copy the file to the micro sd
    • Insert the micro sd to your mobile phone
    • then install URframaroot.apk through the file manager
    • After that go to Framaroot already installed earlier and then select ' Install SuperSU ' then select ' Barahir ', if there is an answer … ' Success ' means to successfully
    • If the answer is not ' Success … ' then repeat again after you restart the first mobile phone
      The steps do root in advan s4e
      Install framaroot and SuperSU
  3. After the Superuser installed, then check in the menu should be SuperSU already exists
    Stages of root on advan s4e to fill the imei
    SuperSU Logo should appear in the Menu
  4. If no then it must be reset by way of:
    • turn off cell phones
    • plug in the usb to the phone don't get out battery logo instantly rush press and hold the volume down and the power button until it turns on and enters a new menu is released.
    • check in the menu is supposed to be this way SuperSU Logo already exists
  5. Next, we open SuperSU
    To do the rooting in advan s4e with superuser
    Open SuperSU
  6. Download Adb Installer then, install just follow the installer. Its function is to install adb drivers to run MTKDroidTool
  7. Also download MTKDroidTool v 2.5.3, extract and run URMTKdroidTools.exe
  8. Enable USB Debugging on your phone (if not understand way ngaktifin usb debugging his browsing used to be yes)
  9. Plug the usb into your cell phone.
  10. In the position of an open SuperSU application on your phone, then press the MTKdroidTools on the Root, then select yes
    Tap root then yes
  11. See SuperSU in the open TextBox, MTKdroid asked for permission to root, received
  12. Let root run
  13. Once completed select button the IMEI/NVRAM
  14. the contents of both compliance with the imei number of your mobile phone is indicated behind the
  15. Dispose of the tick in the ' Restore '
  16. Click Replace IMEI
  17. Click Yes
    The stages fill the imei number on the advan s4e read more here.
    Write Imei Advan s4e
  18. After successful notification please turn off your cell phone
  19. Did reset as before by the way
    • Plug the usb cable, directly press the volume up and power
    • hold until cell phone lights up normally and enter the menu
  20. Please check your imei by pressing * # 06 #
  21. If it is the same with the imei number you type formerly means already succeed.

Thus the stage of rebuilding imei on advan s4e, if any reader or mastah there solutions that simpler again after that to share by sending an email to the admin so could an admin post to this blog. Continue to visit this blog and tell your friends: v.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 8:23 pm

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