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The strategy of War Get 3 stars For Clans Clash Of Th 6

The strategy is urgently needed especially for the player clans clash of TH 6. This is because the higher the Town Hall you then the stronger enemy defences anyway that you attack. Not only that the forces opposed to attacking the city you grew stronger. Therefore necessary to thicken the special strategy for the defense and strengthen the attack.

Get 3 stars in the game Clash Of Clans certainly boasts, this is because you can donate point victory for your clans. There's good news for you now on the Town Hall level 6, you can win the fight and earned 3-stars easily. Here's how

Clans Clash Of strategies to get 3 stars on War

There are a few things you must meet to obtain 3 stars with ease. Among them are as follows

  • 3 Army Camp already level 6
  • PEP level 3
  • Wizzard level 3
  • Healing Spell level 2 or 3
  • Clan Castle level 2 or 3

Once you have some of these things are met, you can certainly guess type attack what would you launch. Yes attack strategy is going to do is use a combination Balloon and Wizard. This strategy will facilitate you got 3 stars if you attack an opponent who has the Town Hall level 6 down.  Following the strategy of penyerangannya

First select the enemy with TH like i.e. TH6 or down. Observe base defence and then prepare the troops, I usually use composition

  • 9 Balloon
  • 9 Wizard
  • 6 Archer
  • 1 Barbarian to lure enemy CC content
  • 2 Healing Spell
  • And the contents of the balloon 3 or 4 CC at least level 5 or 1 Dragon at least level 2

The second step, the enemy troops in the CC line using the barbarian. But if your CC is in, then you can use 2 balloon for fishing. After CC hooked sleigh enemy forces into the corner and 5 with archer and some Wizard

After the troops easily exhausted, remove all troops balloon you have and fill thy Castle hosts a Clan that is closest to the Air Defence and Wizzard Tower. Use 1 healing spell in Wizzard Tower till, and remove it again to the Wizard Tower to another.

Seteleah defense muduh up, send all the troops of the wizard you have sporadically to destroy buildings placed in the corner, then wait for the results. You will get 3-stars easily.

Above is one strategy that you can apply to attack to get a 3-star reputation easily. In fact without mature strategies you may not get the 3 star easily especially when against the enemy with the Town Hall level 6. A good strategy will facilitate you in assault. Hopefully helpful

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 4:48 am

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