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The Advantages Of Android Lollipop

The Android operating system is now its existence is already very popular among the public. New Google also tela reveals to the public that is now the latest Android operating system is a Lollipop. L label has been awarded to the most recent version of Android. L is the length of the Lollipop. However, before you know the advantages of Android this Lollipop, it would be nice if knowing in advance the history of its development.

Beginning Android Lollipop is diumumuan by Giovanni Calabrese, a designer of the statue of Android at Googleplex building. Himself gave an announcement that the label L has the meaning of Licorice, a rumor that arguably is popular in the current smartphone industry.

This article discusses the various advantages of Android Lollipop.

But after its release in June of a bygone, finally Google has determined legally that the letter L the length of the Lollipop which is now finally became the most recent version of Android. The advantages of Android Lollipop need not be asked again, remember this is the latest version of Android. For more details about the advantages of Android Lollipop you can refer on the reviews below.

6 advantages of Android Lollipop

1. User Interface

Operating system user interface Lollipop already can be seen clearly. The User Interface is owned by Android Lollipop became one of the advantages of Android Lollipop. Google has been designed in such a way this latest Android operating system. Not only that, the concept of material design is also carried by Google in creating the look of the user interface. Apparently the look of minimalist and flatlah was the inspiration of the concept of the flying material design.

2. Features ART Runtime

The use of the feature ART this Runtime is able to replace the previously used Dalvik feature on an older version of Android. The concept that is owned by the feature ART this Runtime is the Ahead-Of-Time compilation process i.e. from application code is done when the application installation process takes place.

3. Support artitektur 64 bit

Support for 64 bit architecture became one of the advantages of Android Lollipop. Currently there are already Android smartphone that has a capacity of 4 GB of RAM. Certainly it will be able to improve the performance of the Android smartphone.

4. Project Volta

Features project volta is arguably being a distinction for Smartphones that have provided operating system Lollipop, because with this volta project then the battery power will be able to save up to 30% when compared to the previous version of Android.

5. Security

The encryption has been featured by Android Lollipop is capable of supporting the security of important data that is in the smartphone.

6. The presence of 15 new languages

Language has been a major key for someone to be able to operate the smebuah Android smartphone. The advantages of this Lollipop is the Android 15 new languages, including Bengali, Basque, Chinese, Burmese, Sinhalese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Nepal, Macedonia, Iceland, Kannada, Maranthi, Galicia, and Kyrgyz.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:34 am

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