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The issue of the banning of the Game Clash Of Clans and is it true that there is a Clash Of two Clans?

The issue has now been there is a clash of two clans as the latest update of the game clash of clans of a supercell, but is it true Supercell launched the Clash Of two Clans as update this strategy game? Is it true that gaming clans clash of will be closed in the playstore?

Clash Of gaming Clans is atu most downloaded and played by most people. This makes it very popular strategy game in the world including Indonesia. There's never been an issue stating that this famous game is closed and cannot be played again on 29 February. Why these issues are big and spread?

One of the things that makes this issue so big and spread because the issue is expressed in a Clash Of Clans trusted forum. This news is especially significant for players in this strategy game. Through to the end of several product-review website to confirm to the Supercell regarding closure of the clash of Clans on 29 February 2016. The information circulating about the banning of Clash Of Clans on February 29, got a rejection by the Supercell. Supercell at all never was intending to close the Applications most popular games.

Clans Clash Of gaming has become a large source of income for the Supercell. Until there is no thought at all to close that application instead will continue to be developed to attract the attention of everyone in order to play this strategy game. Clans Clash Of games so the group until the original developer of this Finland ever mengumkan infusion with a total of 1.1 billion pounds or around Rp 20.9 trillion. This is the main reason this game will not be closed in the near future this fact will continue to be developed.

Same is the case with the issue of the existence of a Clash Of two Clans, and this Issue is not warranted. If there is such an application in the playstore but not from developer Supercell, then that application is definitely not a development of the Clash Of Clans. The abundance of game enthusiasts, inviting many people to make cloningan games clash of clans or game that resembles the clash of clans. One of them is the issue of the Clash Of two Clans.

You need to take when looking for mod – heart – mod clans clash of application or download application – an application supporting the game Clash Of Clans, this could be due to your account can be stolen by the manufacturer of that application. Never easily tempted with mod application can get you the gem many instantly. Because it can be so it is a way to take the account you have. All this information can we pass on, hopefully useful

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 4:50 am

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