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Addressing cross-Battery On BB 8520 Gemini

Image line full vbat battery, bsi, gnd, and along with btemp bypas batt id-in case of imperfections in the current transfers from the battery to the pcb w, then the battery logo will appear as a cross (x) when the battery is installed or upon dicas so experienced an error.

Tips to do;

  1. Clean the brass connector on the battery, the battery, and on the pcb. Because sometimes there is a kind of black dirt in the brass battery connection so that it is not perfect. Please just scraped with a razor blade or cutter so that the cross-section of the brass into shiny bersh.
  2. Replace with a battery test is still ok, if the battery symbol appears as a cross or not.
  3. Check battery line on the pcb, from switch, bsi, btemp, and gnd. but that often makes the error was on the part of the bsi r616. If the line is ok but still error replace r616 slahkan size 150 with pcb traces, or unplug and bypas u605 like images.
For a clearer picture and how the fix slahkan visit this page.
Vbat battery line, gnd, bsi, btemp gemini 8520

Thus the image line battery Blackberry gemini 8520 may be useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 9:33 am

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