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Clans clash Of 2016 Presents The Bowler

Clash Of Clans is one of the game's strategy and management also in the tempo real. In this game, you are required to be able to build a village where members of your clan the brave to stay or live when they're not mejalankan a particular mission. Where the meraka would prove their courage by grounded hanguskan enemy camps. Game strategy which is able to squeeze the brain is presented free of charge, so you can download it for free without paying apapaun to be able to play cool games on this one.

By 2016, this Supercell (developer of gaming Clans Clash Of) the Middle preparing updates for this game. Where the parties have to confirm the Supercell gives a Dark new Troop, because after such a length of Supercell doesn't give the new Troop types. For the name of the Dark new Troop nicknamed The Bowler. The Bowler has a human-like form of the half jin due to her having a blue color. The Bowler it comes with carrying a stone giant ready to throw the rock to your enemy's buildings. The Bowler it is Dark Troop that you can feel with recruited him from Town Hall 10. Need to dikethui that Dark Troop this one can only attack targets that are in the Mainland. Not only that, they also can generate attacks that can menybar where the attack was quite deadly. Therefore, The Bowler will be very useful to persist when attacked and also conduct attacks against the enemy.

Dark Troop this one requires 8 housing space, it was pretty decent because this one unit can attack enemies from a safe distance and also the reflection of the stone giants that they throw can also be attacked in any time on building strong pertahanannnya at once when you're attacking the Town Hall belongs to the opponent. Another way for you to use when it attacked the Town Hall belongs to the opponent with the use of this unit, that is by using a Golem who serves as tankers.

As described above, Ther will be very useful Bowler to do defense. Because he has the ability to attack many enemies at once from the troop that is by way of throwing his giant stones. Splash attack with his own, he was able to hanguskan the enemy has grounded type ground quickly. Because of the Dark one Troop is quite rare among high, if you have the right time, then The Bowler is able to kill the Witch in a single attack, where the Witch was formerly teleh download summon Skeletonnya. But unfortunately, The Bowler is not able to attack the forces of water. But with the updates with Clash Of 2016 Clans bring The Bowler it will be able to help the players COC to create a new strategy.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:17 am

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