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Good news for gamers COC. Clans clash of New Updates will be launched on 26 January 2016. For you lovers of the game clash of clasn, you certainly don't wait with the latest update of the game clash of clasn. Supercell as developers Clash of gaming Clans announced it would renew some feature on clash of gaming clans. This latest update will include changes to the Treasury, Loot the Cart and Star bonuses. The following description of the clans clash of new updates.

The Treasury

  {%!=d44e6258-e176-43a3-aefd-fbdca98ec0d4=!%} The treasury is used untuuk save the bonus loot from a clan battle or war and start bonus. In the clash of the New Clans Update, War Loot storage will be eliminated. Not only that the maximum storage amount of treasury is determined by the Town Hall and the Level of the Clan. When it used to be a storage area for additional loot called War Loot Extra Storage will be changed to Treasury Extra Storage. Small storage space above the last Clan Castle will also be eliminated.

Daili Star Bonus

  {%!=633fc14a-0399-49f4-a2bb-e80a87044131=!%} You will get the bonus loot. You'll also get a bigger bonus when reaching a League high. The star Bonus would be there every day, a gift from the star bonus would be stored in the treasury. The maximum Bonus is limited to League Star Titan 3

Loot Cart 

  {%!=15773251-35d5-4856-b084-95e06952b270=!%} In the Clash of Clans New Update, there is only one loot cart that appears every time. Loot the Cart will appear at random near the building and contains 20% of the loot that is lost due to enemy attacks. But if your storage is full, you can not take the loot cart.


Clans clash of New Updates will improve the attack or damage the eagle artillery 3 x folding for the golem and golemities. In addition the second Air Defense is now can you use at Town hall 6, and the third Air Defense at the Town hall 7

That's some leaked the latest update version clans clash of 8.212.3. With this update the clans clash of latest version you will get many advantages as we've described above. You can update the clash of clasn through the playstore, however for those of you who are not achieved update game clash of clasn through the playstore. You can use the offline installer by downloading the latest clans clash of application at the following link: DOWNLOAD

After the download and move the file to your smartphone. Open the application on your smartphone, and then wait for the installation process is complete. Wait let alone update Clans Clash of you now.

Updated: April 13, 2016 — 7:10 am

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