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Clans Clash Of Video To Win A WAR With Ease

War is one of the challenges in playing the clash of clans are the most difficult. In a war of a player is obliged to compile the best possible strategy to destroy the opponent's stronghold.  A lot of clash of clans video that gives tips and tricks to beat the war easily. But not all the tips provided are accurate and can be applied.  4 Reference clash of clans this video can help you win the game easily and certainly can be applied.
 Article about the clash of clans

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Basically to get a perfect score or 3 stars in the game clash of clans is hard enough. You have to reach the figure of 50% to get 1 star. Then the other stars come by if you can destroy the Town Hall. And Other Stars when you destroyed the city 100%. When a player has destroyed the city up to 99% but the Town Hall still not destroyed then it still only gets 1 star. So it takes a combination and a good strategy in order to get 3 stars in war.

Basically tips and tricks has been widely distributed on the internet, but not all of it accurate and can be applied in accordance with the town hall you. One chanel that we recommend to help increase the quality of the attack and defence of the clash of clans you are chanel OneHive Raids.  Chanel is quite active in uploading the results of war as well as the tutorial war that you can set as reference. Many combinations of troops that you can follow to melakkan attack. One of the unbeatable combination is Hogowi or Hogowiwi you can see on the chanel at the following link

Chanel OneHive Raids

Other channels which gives the clans clash of video tutorials are Powerbang Gaming. Chanel is quite comprehensive in giving tutorials. Video tutorials are presented by chanel, this dikumpas has been completed in detail so that it is easy to understand even for a beginner. Pembawan tutorial in chanel is also different compared to other channels, so that the audience will quickly understand the tutorials provided. You can check the video at the following link

'Ve never heard chanel Clash With Ash? Chanel is often used as reference players clash of clans because in addition to providing an easy-to-understand war strategy, also give tips about COC and the way farming is mainly Dark Elixir. You can check the video at the following link

This last one chanel that given a glimpse about the clash of gaming clans. Clans clash of Video tutorials on the chanel has many watch even up to 1 million times. One of the most sought after war strategy is GoWiPe TH8. You can check the video at the following link

It's her some references chanel clans clash of videos that you can follow to win the match easily. May bermanfaaat
Updated: April 18, 2016 — 4:20 pm

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