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How to troubleshoot an hp totally off because exposed to water-Damaged Phone Blog will share tips for You which is a mobile phone fall into the water, kehujanan, awash in the laundry, etc. This kind of first-aid tips when it overwrites Your favorite hp.

With the given tips on what to do when your mobile phone is exposed to water, it is expected mobile phone you soon recovered as it was before and it is not the first action error occurs shortly after you pick up the hp from the water.

When his pace right then your phone is spared from; dead total, short alias konslet, and other damage that causes a cell phone is not working properly. And remember the initial handling only if it does not succeed then you immediately take it to a trusted mobile phone service to keep the mobile telephone was quick right.

The following initial steps that must be done when hp you get wet:

  1. For the case might fall or submerged in water you should immediately take the hp and unplug the battery from your phone to konslet or corrosion does not occur in his device.
  2. In the case of kehujanan, when it began to drizzle then immediately unplug the battery from the phone and save it in the plastic and other places to avoid direct contact with water. When you disconnect the battery, though not exposed to direct contact, but the water will go also to your mobile phone in the form of water vapor which of course will create a mem damage.
  3. Do not put your phone in a shirt or pants pockets when you're doing activities that emit sweat, although not a direct result but after a few months your mobile will be damaged resulting corrosion due to sweat and are usually more severe than normal water.
  4. Immediately remove the sim card, memory, battery, close the kesing and hp kesing your best. If you have a cell phone or a screwdriver you can buy then just open your phone and if do not understand how to open hp type kesing you have you can browse.
  5. Wipe with a clean dry cloth or use paper towels to dry the absorption good.
  6. Don't be dried directly facing the Sun in kesing not dismantled entirely, as it will damage the lcd screen and the water will not come out only condense inside the damaged phones.
  7. You can put your mobile in front of fans overnight, or during the day in the room.
  8. It could also soak and soothe your hp in the basket of rice got emak in the kitchen, due to the nature of rice can absorb particles of water that nifty little (remember the lesson of cohesion and forgot what ya hehe)
  9. Lastly do not hesitate to come to place mobile phone service that you trust to immediately clean your hp from the remains of water, because there is little water tertin ggal will damage your mobile phone.


  • Do not switch on your mobile phone instantly when water still remaining in it, even if the mobile telephone is apparently alive but it won't be long.
  • Don't be too long silence air residing in hp you because it will cause corrosion and rust in its components.

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Thus an article about first aid on hp which is inundated so as not to totally off and konslet, for who have experience regarding this highly awaited her story via the comment form below and thanks.

Updated: April 17, 2016 — 1:14 pm

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