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The Ill Effects Of The Upgraded Android

Android upgrade is one of the reasons that appear from every person in order not to outdated. Often many people assume that by upgrading to Android, then the performance of the smartphone will run faster than ever. It is impact and a positive effect of upgrading Android. But behind the positive effects, the Android upgrade also gave a very bad effect.

Sometimes not rarely found an unofficial service offering to upgrade Android. Certainly the most likely adverse effect of upgrading Android will appear. Often many cases showing that with upgrades to Android, the smartphone has not even good, but his condition was very severe and memprihatikan.

If an error occurs at the time the flash android then there will be an impact.

Usually the upgrade is done to replace the version of Android from Ginger Bread into Ice Cream Sandwich. The upgrade is also not uncommon to replace the version of the Ice Cream Sandwich into a Jelly Bean. Android upgrade activities will be carried out next to the latest version of Android namely Lollipop. A variety of tutorials on how to upgrade Android is already widespread in the internet, so often it's been a lot of people who can perform the upgrade of Android itself. But before you do the upgrade to Android will first consider the ill effects of the upgrade to Android.

Below are reviews about the ill effects of the mandatory Android upgrade you should know.

1. A bad impact on the hardware

Android upgrades can influence of hardware that has been embedded on a smartphone. Basically, the smartphone operating system on supply is also considered the setting of its specifications. Of course Android upgrade may cause an adverse effect on hardware that initially only worked lightly, have to work harder after the upgrade to Android. The ill effects of Android upgrades this one be a major trigger of the shortness of the age of the smartphone you have.

2. Hardware is not able to work anymore

Often many cases of upgrading Android who becomes a major trigger of the appearance of the bug on a smartphone. The presence of this bug frequently causes the hardware doesn't have the ability anymore to work.

3. Stricken with malware or virus

The upgrade process can facilitate the inclusion of diverse viruses into the smartphone. The emergence of the virus will make emulator Android not safe anymore.

4. The occurrence of force close on the application

Android upgrade process often causes the presence of mismatch between operating systems with applications. Well that is the leading cause of the application often experience a force close.

5. Batteries become wasteful

The ill effects of Android upgrades this one is often the main complaint of the users, i.e. the battery smartphones become more wasteful. Apparently an application that runs in the background to become the main cause of borosnya the use of the battery on the Android smartphone.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:35 am

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