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The lamp in the LCD and Keypad Nokia 3110 c

Broken cell phone-we will discuss damage dead lights on my Nokia 3110 c model output which is a long time but there are still just people who deliver hp is made serviceable, so that still need to be made with files.

Broadly speaking there are three lights on my Nokia 3110 c damages;

  1. Dead lights overall good keypad or lcd
  2. Dead lights only on lcd only
  3. Dead lights on only part of the keypad only

The following discussion:

  1. Overall lamp is dead;
    • The whole light on hp nokia 3110 c it die either on the lights of the keypad and lcd lights
    • Check the emif lights
    • Check the lamp with the multitester if anyone dies should be replaced
  2. Dead lights on the lcd/screen only;
    • Its keypad lights only, whereas the display light does not glow.
    • Check the path as in picture, check the Red creature in the third that point using a multitester. If there's a break up then do jumpers.
  3. Dead keypad lights
    • Check the one one the light if there's a break up then it should be replaced
Nokia 3110 c Light line
Updated: April 9, 2016 — 10:22 am

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