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The Solution Is Not A Replica Of The S4 Read SIM Card day after lebaran directly open the store and one of the customers carry phones that can't read sim card, type s4 replica supercopy/smartphone. As we know if hp is a great many species although equally s4 china, as well as on the slots sim card and mmc there are embedded directly in the machine and there is also a form of flexible so can be replaced easily.

Now for the case I received using flexible sim and mmc, and I do to surmount Chinese s4 not reading the sim card are;

  1. Replace the flexible sim and mmc, the result is tantamount to no avail

    Addressing the smartphone s4 replica is not read the sim.

  2. Re solder the socket to attach this flexible pcb on the machine, and indeed after the views use a magnifying glass there is indeed already two feet apart from the solderan.

    Re solder connectors flexible sim and mmc s4 supercopy.

    • After the soldered and test SUCCESSFULLY.

Enough so hopefully this short article though slightly can help readers who have experienced similar cases.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 10:25 am

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