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The strategy of Invading Clans Clash Of TH 5

How the strategy of invading Clans Clash Of TH 5? Do you feel a bit of a hassle when the opponents have attacked the town Town Hall 5 – 7? Basically the higher the Town Hall opponents then the stronger defences anyway. For those of you who want to make penyerangna sure it needs a good strategy for the army and bringing the useful in launching the attack effectively. Jangan asal carry troops or troops because when you lose in a battle you will lose some of the trophy you've collected.

Apparently there are some things you can do for the assault against the city that has the Town Hall 5 – 7. Strategy for the invading Clans Clash Of TH 5, we give you three options that you can use the results from the experiment many times that we have done. The options include

Easy Destruction Strategy

Strtegi Easy Destruction of this you can take advantage of to crush opponents of the city with ease. You need to bring some troops which include: the Wizard (3), Giant (8), December (3), Wall Breakers (2), Archer (15) with the trophy level 700 – 900. The strategy of attacking it are as follows

  • Use all the Ballon at one place this occurs when the opponent does not have a wizard tower, but when the opponent has a wizard tower attack sporadically.
  • Use the Giant as a shield on the front line and archer to destroy Air Defence and Archer Tower

Giant Rush

This Giant Rush strategies utilize Giant, Wall Breaker, and Healing Spells/Rage Spells. You simply bring the troops of Giant as much as 20 higga 28 troop, 2 Wall Breaker + Healing Spells/Rage Spell with trophy 1100 Level. The strategy of attacking it are as follows

  1. Muster all Giant simultaneously, on the front line
  2. Muster also Wall Breaker to ease crushing wall protector
  3. Use the Healing Speel to protect giant or use Rage Spell to speed up the movement of the Giant.

This attack is quite effective, given the Giant have hits point large enough with a fairly large attack impact anyway. When dikerakan in the scale that much he can destroy the city with ease

Barbarian Rush With Giant and Healer

This relies on a strategy for the invasion of the barbarians with the help of two wall breaker and a healer. You simply bring the barbarian as many as seventy or more barbarian, healer, one of two wall breaker, and eight Giant with trophy level 80 – 1100. The strategy of attacking it are as follows

  1. First Destroy Air Defence, Mortar, and the Wizard Tower with each 0 two giant and ten to fifteen barbarian.
  2. When there is a barrier wall, destroy the barrier wall using Wall Breaker.
  3. After Air Defense destroyed, immediately remove the healer to support attacks

That's apparently what you can take advantage of to crush the city that has TH 5. Use the strategy of Invading Clans Clash Of the 5 TH to win the war with ease and get plenty of trophy.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:22 am

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