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The template is a mess because of the Edit May 2015

Blogger template error temporary solution may 2015-Actually 2 day yesterday is already a lot of bloggers who have complained if the look of the blog into error after editing some of templatenya.

The solutions address the appearance of blog clutter.

Well this morning and I want to replace my forgetfulness ad unit in a template, and having stored the results display this blog turns templatenya so messy once, between the visible display of the main page is an error that there is no read more so full of articles, as well as ads that don't appear in the article as well.

After browsing can finally enlighten from the blog Arlina Design and finally display the blog back to mess as it was before, there is only one new difference feels that is loading the blog become sluggish because of the old template removes css bundle bloggers while on this way we return the css.

For more ways you can go directly to the blog, good luck.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:57 am

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