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The Ultimate Kick W Davis Totally Off

Blackberry 9220 overcome stage die-Well this time we discuss more about this type of smartphones which again marak-maraknya suffered damage especially died. In fact there are already 2 previous article that also discussed about this, the other in the outline and the other because there are no incoming voltage at all.

Incidentally there is a servisan that enter the same actual condition with davis totally off that went before, but this one dijumper his battery connector parts by earlier ones because the user said if bb was once serviced but now can only be dipancing if a flame with a charger/usb.

Please read the previous article:

  1. 6 bb Solution totally off davis
  2. BB davis totally off no voltage
  3. This article also already archived in pdf format, please take;

Well, from the results of both the articles are then applied to the bb this 9220 with conditions;

  • Installed batteries don't want light up normally
  • But if dipancing with the way plugged charger or usb cable then it could be turned on
  • Condition w heat when turned on
  • Fitting the cable from jumperan there a dismantled battery connector to the pcb
  • The condition of the battery connector other than that still not bothered

The stage of the ultimate Kick Player W Davis totally off by

  1. Stage 1 (clean the connectors of the workmanship of the previous technician)
    • Waste solderan cable from the connector of the battery entirely.
    • Clean the battery connectors cross-section in the pcb and cover with a sheet of copper from other hp engine pcb
    • Replace the battery connector in the framework of kesing, because the old one is already a former Tin
    • The test plug and battery frame result still does not light up and still have to plug it to usb/cas can flame
  2. Stage 2 (check the sections are short)
    • Check the two capacitors near the lcd connector, if short lose, if in doubt keep it lose both
      The complete way to fix w davis totally off please visit this page.
      Check c2101 and c2102
    • D1501 and exhaust D1502
      How is the complete solution for the totally off davis go into here.
      D1501 and exhaust D1502
    • Test install the framework and the battery, if still not advanced to the next stage of life
  3. Stage 3 (check short in Vsys and injecting voltage)
    • Check with a multitester does point Vsys short or not
      Stages of tackling davis dies and check out vsys line
      Vsys W Davis
    • If it turns out Vsys point short, then we do involves the voltage of about 2.3 V to that point.
    • This voltage injection system to detect a capasitor which actually broke out causing vsys me-too short
    • If you want to check the lift Plug one by one throughout old capasitor bro.
  4. Stage 4 (making syringes voltage to Vsys)
    • If you already have a power supply specifically made syringe voltage please use it.
    • If the regular power supply, fitting mounted to hp short usually direct sound and automatically stopped output voltage. So can not use ps.
    • How we use the hp full batteries and solder the positive and negative cable with a rather thick, if small cable usage is usually not effective
      We use the former battery full for injecting voltage at VB 9220.
      The battery voltage to the syringe for Vsys
    • Remove the Tin cover ic power and cover the flash ic and cpu for scorched the capasitor look when we syringe voltage.
    • Solder the wires to the negative GND/ground cable and the battery positive to the point of Vsys
      To find the short on the capasitor w davis
      Jumper battery voltage to Vsys
    • In this way the capasitor causes short will be forfeited and may be visible, or if ic power was broken then it will feel very hot in ic.
    • If you already know the capasitor broke out because look scorched, discard the capacitor
    • Check the shared power supply is still short on Vsys or were no longer.
    • If still short please repeat to find capacitors which broke out the next, but in my case the niasanya only one capacitor that is broken.
    • Test install the framework and the battery, if it means the flame of success.
    • If it does not light up to the following stage.
  5. Stage 5 (Jumper Switch and Vsys)
    • Please Switch to the point jumper Vsys
      How to take voltage, Vbat to Vsys on blackberry 9220
      Jumper Switch to Vsys
    • Test install the framework and the battery, if it is turned on it means that you are successful at this stage.
    • If not go to the next stage
  6. STAGE 6 (Shock therapy ala Tiander Moenroe)
    • This is the last stage when it still didn't work please search other techniques or return it to the user
    • Plug the power supply with a normal voltage of 2.3 v to battery connector (can be dijumper directly negatively PS to ground and positive PS to Switch Connector)
    • Or it could be just by using a charger that is plugged into the connector casnya.
    • Amtech oil love about flash ic
    • Heat from the bottom of the pcb fits in the flash ic area
    • Automatic Flow shown in power supplya increasing along with your old memblower the pcb
    • Let cool briefly and the tests turned on
    • If I were at this stage 80% successful and often burning normal again.
    • Please tidied his bb.

So the Ultimate Kick in outline in the face of a dead Blackberry 9220 davis total, hopefully colleagues who are struggling dengak davis also could finish it and immediately made a note. Continue to visit the damaged mobile phone blog, thank you.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 5:10 pm

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