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How to keep your eyes fixed durable soldering and old age

Soldering is a tool that has an important role to help work for a technician, particularly mobile phone technician. From start to solder on jumper, off, plug the usb connector, and others require a soldering iron to melt the Tin on the component is fixed.

Because of its frequent use of solder, then needed treatment on a solder eyes although they're expensive or inexpensive as long as the treated will make soldering work with the maximum.

Some of the complaints in the eyes of the solder not treated;

  1. The eyes of the old solder and heat the soldered Tin also old liquid
  2. The eye easily broken solder the ends so so dull
  3. Appear on eye crust solder

The cause of defective solder eyes;

  1. Used for disolderkan on plastic
  2. Used for prying hard objects
  3. The eyes of the solder is not cleaned after use
  4. Impose using solder but not yet hot

So from that Broken Phones will love some tricks from the many tricks that have already distributed by other friends to keep my eyes fixed durable soldering and old age, as though sometimes it is considered trivial but can cause our work as a phone technician will be hampered. Indeed, because the solder eyes already ugly, then the heat will not and will certainly hinder the process of repair phones.

The necessary materials, namely;

  • Solder oil, when I used to use amtech
  • Pieces of rags/muslin/cotton, other fibers or materials
  • A small container to put the pieces of fabric/kapas.

Just the trick for keeping the eyes fixed durable soldering ala Om Phone;

  1. Dampen a piece of cloth or cotton jumper with amtech (oil solder), don't wear it.
  2. Then put a cotton cloth or earlier on a flat container,
  3. If after using solder, always clean the solder with mempoletkannya eyes on the cloth or cotton swab moistened with already amtech solder eyes until the last truly clean from the remains of the Tin.
  4. Likewise before soldering deprived of electricity, clean first.
  5. Do not use for other than the solder soldering Tin, kalupun need to soldering the plastic or other materials then use special solder.

 Thus the number of ways that you can use to keep your solder eyes let more durable and can be used long term, and the most important work of the solder more optimal.

Thank you.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:01 pm

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