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She Is A New Character Clash Of Clans Update

Clans Clash Of games are always updated to the more interest the players. One of the development of the game is added new characters in the game Clash Of Clans that are placed on the Troops Dark Exilir.

The army troops are instrumental to perform attacks on the city. Troops in Clash Of gaming Clans are divided into several groups which each character with his Division has its advantages and disadvantages each. One of the very powerful and can destroy a city with ease are the Troops Dark Exilir.

In the Clash Of Clans, the Update is getting extra characters that are very useful in assault. Originally this category has 5 troops consisting of Minion, Hog Rider, Valkrie, Golem, and Witch. However, in the Clash Of Clans Update plus two new characters i.e. lava Hound and Bowler. Here's an explanation of each character of the Troops Dark Exilir.


Minion is one of troops very quickly, as well as the least expensive compared to the troops the Exilir. In addition the ability of these Minions is that it cannot be detected by aerial bombing, but he was pretty weak. Minion-like Gargoyles with horns, wings, and talons sharp.

Hog Rider

Hog Rider is the troops that can jump over the wall of the opponent, move and destroyed the city very quickly. He need not destroy the current firewall to pass the limit of defence because he can break through and skip the wall. In addition to physically strong, he is also very powerful to destroy the opponent's defense resembles giant.


Valkyrie is a red-haired girl soldier with a double bladed axe. He is strong enough for shattering the opponent's stronghold porandakan.


Galem is a very strong army. Even when the golem was defeated, he will change into two small golem called Golemites with the power sepertlima the power of the golem. Golemities keeps doing damage. Golem attacks like a balloon that is attack on large areas and the main target of the golem is the defense forces opponents.


Witch include a strong forces and can call a soldier dead from the battle of the past. Proper use can destroy enemies with ease.

Lava Hound

Lava is the new Warrior Hound clash of clans update. Troops attacked directly Air Defense base opposed. Lava blood Hound is very large so that suitable as anchoring the front line agency or to attack.


Bowler is also the new troops after the clash of clans in the update. Blue and have a body made by using several hundred dark elixir and using housing (a place in the Army Camp) as much as 8 units.  Bowler menyerngan with throwing stones towards the buildings or enemy. This type of attack is the Splash Area Bowler until his attack spread and on many targets at once. The weakness of the bowler was not able to resist the attacks of the air forces, such as minion, dragon, and lava hound

That's some characters that are on Tier Dark Exilir as well as new characters to appear after the clash of clans update. Organize your forces to conduct attacks against the enemy line and wins the battle.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:24 am

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