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This Strategy of attacking Clans Clash Of TH 7

Attacking an opponent who has had Town Hall 7 is certainly not easy. So what strategy for invading clans clash of TH 7?  When you have been at Town Hall 7, then you will get some new troops that you can take advantage of for the assault. But your opponent any attack would certainly also have experienced increased defense so that it takes a special strategy for the city to crush opponents.

You can't attack with no strategy for when you're signed in on opponents that have Town Hall 7. This is because in a war you are expected to win, because when you lose you will lose a lot of trophy. How the strategy for invading clans clash of TH 7? the following are some ways that you can use to attack the enemy defense clans clash of TH 7.

Dragon Rush

Dragon rush strategy was apparently attacked by using Giant for fishing Base Defense, but before that destroy the first air defense when you can afford. Then lower the Dragon forces simultaneously. Dragon is a very strong troops so as to bring the Dragon forces on a large scale can destroy the city with ease. To attack with this strategy you can simply prepare 5 troops of Giant Dragon, and many

Dragon/Archer Craze

This strategy for utilizing Troops Dragon, Giant, Wall Breaker, and Archer with thropy level 1000 – 1400. To launch this attack you need to set up one Dragon, ten troops troops Troops, seven Giant Wall Breaker, and eighty Archer and thirty goblin. The strategy of penyerangannya are as follows

  1. Send one or two archer to attack things — things that are outside the range of the defense. This will help you get 50%
  2. After that send a Giant along with two or three Wall Breaker depends on the level of the wall.
  3. Do assaults on Air Defense by sending 5 Giant and Archer. Make sure you don't send an archer in a group so that is not destroyed by a mortar.
  4. For porandakan dominated the air defense troops, send a goblin and Dragon.

The core of this attack is to maximize the destruction by using the archer. Archer being sent in large scale to have an impact the destruction of large enough anyway, he can attack in range and can pass through the wall.

Ransack and Rob

If you want to use this strategy, you need to prepare a two healer, five to ten wizard, five to ten Wall Breaker, bring about twelve or more Giant + Lightning Spell and Healing Spell with trophy level: 1000 – 1400. The strategy of penyerangannya are as follows

Spread the Lightning Spell at nearby concentration of storage or collecters.

The spread is also a 3-4 defense in order to lure the giant attacked the troops. When his attention is already sidetracked then muster wall breaker to destroy the wall.

After the wall is destroyed, the whole troop muster (Giants, Healer, and Wizard) to attack the defense in the city. If the mortar attack on the giant, use a Healing spell to reduce the impact.

That's some strategies attack the Clans Clash Of TH 7 that you can use to win the match easily.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:24 am

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