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This Is The Worst Consequences If The Wrong Install CWM

This is the Worst Consequences if the wrong Install CWM – Custom recovery has certainly been quite familiar to the Android users, especially ones like modding. Some of the custom recovery as TWRP, CWM, or other custom recovery, indeed greatly facilitate for those of you who enjoy modding. Especially to do the installation of the custom rom or do the backup and restore steps as addressing error. However it turns out, is also quite manfa'at offered commensurate with the risks incurred if we install a custom recovery. Both are wrong in how, or wrong in choosing a suitable version for HH.

On this occasion, I will share some of the worst consequences if the wrong install CWM. All of this is based on my personal experience, hopefully you can retrieve important information from my experience. For some reason, I really lebihs like installing CWM from the custom recovery on the other. Maybe because I am already quite familiar with the CWM than others. When I did the installation on CWM some type of HH, I experience some of the following error cases which arguably fatal. And here is the worst consequences if the wrong install CWM I have ever experienced.

What can occur if you are installing cwm on android.

Error That Caused CWM To Install


The first case that I experienced was the Android device are having bootlop or just spinning around at the logo continuously. This case I experienced on device Advan T1H I have. Whatever the exact cause I do not know because that time I was a rookie. But certainly, errors occured after I mengistall CWM via apps on my Android. It could be, CWM I install version does not match the device Advan T1H I have. So I had to take him to the handyman's service to be flashed., and at that time the cost of flashing expensive enough about 150 thousand. Okay lah..

The signal and the IMEI is missing

The second case I experienced when trying to install the device on the CWM Vertu X-Bo V1 produkan China. Because I don't find the CWM version suitable for HH, so I try to do flashing via the application on Android with a plain CWM IMG file. When I do fashing, all went smoothly and no error appears. However when I tried to restart and go into recovery mode, always just failed. And when I turn it on, the HH signal and the IMEI is missing somewhere where.

As a result, Android I could not be used to make calls, SMS, and also connection to the internet. I have tried various ways to restore IMEI missing in Android, Android apps either via or via Droid MTK Tool via PC. However, avail, defaulted. After I search for information, it turns out that any file located on the CWM that I install. Lived had lived, the CWM files too large for type HH I, so I installed the CWM file overwrites the file secro which serves to read IMEI and network. And the solution, I have to do the flashing on the secro file and recovery for mngatasi this problem.

The Hard Brick

This is the toughest case I experienced when one install CWM. This time I tried to install the CWM to device Samsung Galaxy Win Pro. Because chipsetnya uses a type of Sapdragon, I can not install the CWM via Droid MTK Tool, and more … … Samsung has its own flash software named ODIN. But my friend told me, install the CWM on Samsung can be done via HH using an application. I finally join the try it, this time I install file also CWM form IMG.

When the process is intallasi, no weirdness going on. All went smoothly until completed. But the new issue looks when I try to restart my DD to get into recovery mode. HH I have absolutely nothing to respond to, die. Even as dicas, no signs of life at all. Even the picture of the battery when dicas also didn't show up. In other words, HH I'm having Hard Brick. Various ways of coping Andro Hard Brick I've tried, but failed. As for the flashing on Samsung can do, we should be able to get into download mode. To be able to download mode, then HH must live first.

Well, I finally gave up. And again I have to bring it to the repairman service because it could not fix it myself. For if the dead are already experiencing total, most likely difficult for helped. The only way that can be done is to do flashing with a special tool called JTAG. And it said the handyman service, it took about 15 minutes to do flashing in this way. Because the process of flashing is done by installing the system directly to the MMC component device with how to connect the cables are quite complicated. And how the program would not necessarily succeed 100%. In fact I have to wait quite a long time to weeks.

That's some of my experiences about the worst consequences if the wrong install CWM. Hopefully you can take a lesson from all of my stories. So you better be careful in doing things that concern your Android system. If you do not know or are in doubt, there is no harm if the requested help on the skilled. Hopefully this brief tour could give a little inspiration for you.

Updated: April 18, 2016 — 3:00 pm

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