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Tips On Optimizing Development With Clash Of Clans Builder

A builder is a very important character in Clash Of gaming Clans. Use this builder is useful for the construction of the city. The beginning of the game you will get two free buider – Just to build your city, but to get the builder – three quite expensive and difficult.

Builder hut is very influential on the development of Defense you have. However, this does not mean the more builder hut, so the stronger your defense. All depends how you optimize the construction with the clash of clans builder.

When you first start the game Clash Of Clans, you definitely have a problem in the development of the old city because the builder is limited. You don't have to worry about here we provide tips on optimizing development with clans clash of the builder.

Note that banunan is not yet in upgrade

The most appropriate thing for you to do before upgrading the Town Hall was noticed several buildings that you have, so you have upgraded all of your mengugrade before building the Town Hall to the next level. This aims to optimize the defence as well as the troops that you use attack in conditions of maximum.

Create Target

You need to make the target, each level of the Town Hall you must specify the target how long y'all will mengupgarade all of the building to get to the next level. This makes you play with more optimal

Buy Defense Upgrades and Army Camp

The building of Defense you need to upgrade first. This is because the equipment has a very important role as a defensive building your city. The Army Camp is also important because there troop – troops you accommodated and you can bring the city to attack opponents.

Don't ever let it Idle Hut Builder

Yes you are forbidden to let unemployed hut builder, because development of the town with so you will not work optimally. Make your more productive base in order to quickly towards the next level of the Town Hall. You can use the Builder's Hut to clean the base, or build a compound bar, or upgrading the building that certainly never let the builder hut idle.

Try Upgrading all Troops and Spell

In order for the Troop and attack strategy you guys have an impact on the city. There are advised to upgrade troops and spell that you have. With Troops and upgrade the Spell you have, then the attack capabilities of any troops will be larger and able to penetrate the defenses of the enemy very easily.

That's a couple of tips for optimizing development with clans clash of troops. Starting from serkarang don't ever waste time a builder to do the development in your city. Reserving hut builder 1 to upgrade the wall and clean the base of the garbage you guys – waste like tree, trunk, and a scattering of stones.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 4:47 am

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