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Tips Speed Up The Performance Of Android

Now it's the Android operating system has become his own penchant for most people around the world. Android smartphones on the market, was also able to beat sales of smartphones equipped with other operating systems. Features a sophisticated and complete this is what now makes a lot of people have switched to Android smartphone. Another convenience is also already obtained by users i.e. can for free download a variety of applications that are already available in the complete Play Store, Various vendors already provide confidence will also supply system operation smartphonenya to Android.

Advantages of Android has indeed no doubt. But keep in mind also the advantage is reversed, of course Android also has a variety of problems, one of which is the performance of Android is increasingly getting slower. The slowness of the Android's own performance can usually be traced to the emergence of the sign – the sign, such as the existence of a sendatan when typing a message, long loading when you open the application, and other signs.

Stages in an effort to speed up the performance of android smartphones.

Of course in such conditions you desperately need the existence of references who viewed a number of tips about speeding up the performance of Android. Hopefully with the tips speed up the performance of Android below can assist you in resolving the problem which is serious enough. Here are tips on speeding up the performance of Android, including the following:

6 How to speed up the performance of Android:

1. Do A Factory Reset/Hard Reset

For those of you who have long used any Android gadget brand most likely has already begun to slow its performance due to getting too many apps installed and the remains of a cache left behind and many piles of files stored in the internal memory of your mobile phone the forgotten to be removed permanently. Then how pintasnya can do a hard reset/factory reset to remove all internal data phones either; photos, videos, contacts, gmail account and fuel, and all settings will return to the hand of Scorpion like fresh out of the factory.

2. Latest firmware update

Sometimes some people are not aware that the usefulness of the firmware was to improve the appearance of bugs and lag in Android. Therefore, routinely perform the firmware update is one of the tips speed up the performance of Android is mostly on brands with Android operating system already has the firmware update directly (FOTA) are recommended when you have to connect to a wifi network.

3. Limit your use of the widget

Use of the widget is to provide convenience for the user in navigating at any application. The number of use of the widget will certainly give harm to Android smartphone, including drain battery power quickly and make Android into a slower performance. Therefore, limiting the use of widgets can be one of the tips speed up the performance of Android.

4. Uninstall applications that are no longer used

Installation of applications are very much be a major trigger of the declining performance of Android. Uninstall applications that are no longer used to be one of accelerating performance of Android tips that can be applied. In the meantime, you can menonaktfkan the default application of smartphones that can not be deleted. And also keep the balance maximum number of applications can be installed on your smartphone and not cause lelet.

For example tones install 5 games all the time and tired already want to install other games, then before you download and install other games then we recommend that you first uninstall one of the old games, so that the number of installed fixed game totaled 5.

5. Clear cache

The cache builds up usually comes from applications that have been used. Well, if your smartphone holds a great cache, then it is natural if Android performance decreases. Therefore, you can install the application Clean Master can clear all the cache in the Android otomastis. Thus the performance of Android will increase.

6. Avoid using a live wallpaper

Live wallpapers may be the attraction for everyone. But you do not know is actually live wallpapers this is what makes Android performance becomes slow. Thus it is strongly recommended not to use live wallpaper Android performance in order to become faster.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:34 am

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