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Tricks Nokia Jadul 1110 and Similar

The mobile phone is damaged-this time we will discuss hp jadul, monochrome but already polyponic. Although already jadul but there are still people who use it, probably because in terms of history and others. So, if there's any damage we still remember how to fix it.

Some types of jadul hp we will discuss among other things;

  • Nokia 1110
  • Nokia 1112
  • Nokia 1600
  • Nokia 2310
  • Nokia 2610
  • Nokia 6030

and the damage will we cover are;

  • blank blue screen
  • Hank logo Nokia
  • BOOT NOT COMPLETED (via box)
  • chk Failed! Aborting! (via box)
  • Cable is not good-> check for 68 k resistor b/w bsi-gnd in connector and 3.3 k resistor in series with bsi line (via box)

Stages of repair being done;

1. Clean the surface of the connector cable FBUS flash, or easy connector cable (if you normally use easy cable). As in the picture at awah;

Clean easy connector cable from dirt, as it causes error
Easy connector Cable Nokia 1110

2. Check the battery connector.

Sometimes the unconscious solderan from battery connector has been apart, then we need to do soldering rework.

Re solder the connectors of the battery, thus becoming strong and connected line
Nokia 1110 Battery Connector

3. Check BSI path.

Checks as shown below using a multitester, if breaking up then do jumpers.

Check BSI line nokia 1110 with using a multitester is still connected or the path is already breaking up
Nokia 1110 BSI line

4. Check the resistor BSI.

How to revoke the cheque first then check the turn on sharing check box, or if it still shows the same error then do the replacement of these components from hp that are akin to the former.

Unplug and replace the resistor bssi when compassion shows error blank blue
Resistor BSI Nokia 1110


Replace components with CRYSTAL 26Mhz OSILLATOR component of hp's former similar

6. If phases 1 to 5 is already done, then the error still daan;

  1. 35% of UEM problem
  2. 25% the issue of UPP

So the article I give the title Trick Jadul Nokia 1110 and similar, hopefully can give enlightenment to readers who happen to get similar damages.

Updated: April 15, 2016 — 11:04 am

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