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A Complete Tutorial On How To Flash/Upgrade A Blackberry OS

If your blackberry smartphone that is being slowly/lemot its performance, experience the error, even the total death caused by the program error etc. It needs to be in flash/upgrade the OS. Thus write this article.

The software needs to be downloaded.

1. BlackBerry Desktop Software = Blackberry Desktop Software

2. Firmware Blackberry OS = Blackberry OS download Link the All Operator

There are 3 stages that we shall discuss this time, i.e.

a. Install the Blackberry Desktop Software on your computer

b. Install the Firmware OS your Blackberry to the computer

c. How to Upgrade a blackberry OS/Flashing

A. Install The Blackberry Desktop Software

1. Click OK

stage 1

 2. Click next


 3. Select Indonesia continue to click next

stage 3

 4. Select I Accept and click next


 5. Select anyone continue to click next

stage 5

 6. Note This section, select custom and then next

stage 6

 7. Turn Off The BlackBerry (X) Automatic Update & Certificate Synchronization Tool … Click Next

stage 7

 8. Select Integrate with a personal email account … Click Next

stage 7

 9. Don't be selected ' Check for software update ', to which the other options up to and click Install

stage 8

 10. Wait until the installation process is complete

stage 10

 11. Lastly click finish


Stages of installation of Blackberry Desktop Software is complete.

B. Install Blackberry OS Firmware in accordance with your Blackberry

Basically how to install firmware blackberry just the same, there are no specific criteria such as install BDS (Blackberry Desktop Software) blackberry Firmware will install in C:Program FilesCommon ter FilesResearch In MotionSharedLoader Files

To note if we would do the flashing/Upgrading the blackberry, one of the firm to avoid trouble as "No software update is required for your device" are:

Every time after we install the blackberry firmware, we must do URvendor.xml or file deletion before doing the process of flashing, make sure the file URvendor.xml has to be already deleted/tdk is on in the folder. location C:Program FilesCommon URvendor.xml file FilesResearch In MotionAppLoader

How to flash my bb

Important Tips …. so that all supporting program2 Blackberry can run smoothly and perfectly before we need to install the soft2 supporters such as Microsoft.NET dotnetFx. minimal use of version 2 Framework … last update better, and also in company aim must be clean from viruses

C. How To Flash/Upgrade A Blackberry OS;

1. Delete the file C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch in URvendor.xml In MotionAppLoader

2. Open and run the file C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch in URLoader.exe In MotionAppLoader

3. Like the Image Loader appears below, click next

 4. Remove the battery from your blackberry, then plug the usb into your bb in a State without the battery (important). Then it will appear in the ' connection ' your bb pin number (or the writings of the unknown).

 5. Then comes a couple of applications that you can add or not, then next …

 6. Click ' finish '

 7. On Load JVM and system software are starting to erase the application Loader, just wait

 8. At the time of "wait for device to initialize" then you enter battery blackberry battery condition check (at least 50%)

 9. If the right steps, then start filling the application Loader to your bb. wait until it is finished …

 10. When finished it will pop up as shown below and your bb starts rebooting.

Congratulations you're done in flash/upgrade.

Thus the complete Tutorial How to Flash/Upgrade a Blackberry OS, may be useful for those of you who have an error in your blackberry.

The info. How to upgrade to the Android OS you can read on how to Upgrade the Android Online

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 5:52 am

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