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Tutorial How To Shrink The Navbar Android

Tutorial how to shrink the Navbar Android – as we know, the Android modding is a way performed by the user to change the system or the program that is in Android, in order to get what they want. For example, to install the tweak, change the look of the menu, changing the navbar, and other sebagianya. But sometimes, modding we do not accord with the result of our desires. For example after we discuss how to easily add menu navbar in Android on a previous tutorial, certainly the results obtained each person can vary depending on the device used.

As I alluded to in the article how to easily add menu navbar in Android, sometimes the size of the navbar that appears not to conform with the resolution of the screen. In most cases, the size of the navbar impressed too big so it looks less comfortable. Well, to overcome it, this time I will try to split the tutorial how to shrink the navbar Android you made previously. For the full ways, please follow the steps below.

Tutorial how to shrink the navbar android.

Tutorial How To Shrink The Navbar Android

If in the previous tutorial we use the manual way to do edit the build. prop to add the navbar on Android, then the way to shrink the navbar Android we will desist with the help of the application. So that's how it was easier, but still needs a thoroughness in order not to wrong langakah.  Once again I remind, make it a habit of doing backups before doing any modding on Android for safety's sake. You can do a backup via the custom recovery you have, well, CWM TWRP, or the other. If it is, follow the following tutorial now.

  1. First of all, you need an application called Exposed Installer. You can find it via browsing or via google play store. After you download, please go to applications Exposed Installer.
  2. After that, please search menu Framework and open, select Install/Update. If it is, please reboot your HH.
  3. Now please download applications supporting named XBlast Tools. Please browse to download it. After that, install the XBlast Tools in the internal memory.
  4. Sign in again to the Exposed Installer, select in the menu "Module", then please check in the section "XBlast Tools". After that, please go to application XBlast Tools.
  5. On the Tools menu of XBlast, please select "Navigation bar-ON-Switch Master > > Button Height. Then, please select the size of your desired navbar. Adjust the size of your screen. The smaller the numbers you choose, then the navbar appears, measuring will also be getting smaller.
  6. Completed. Please do a reboot, and see the results.

Tutorial how to shrink the navbar Android has this been tried in some kind of device, and worked well with no error. However, I am not responsible if this failed way applied in HH, or an error occurred after you do it this way. Therefore, you should understand all the risks that might be posed. To avoid the things that no one expected, please always do a backup before doing any modding. Because if at any time you experience the error because the HH problem system, you could fix the Android bootlop easily through CWM/TWRP via restore backup that you already have.

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I hope the tutorial how to shrink the navbar Android bermanfa'at this could be for you. Don't forget to also read the other tutorials I've written. Good luck and Godspeed.

Updated: April 20, 2016 — 10:31 pm

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