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Two ways to Install the correct Tweak

Two ways to Install the correct Tweak – for the Android user hobby moding, certainly "Tweak" is not longer a foreign term. Typically, it is used to improve the performance Tweaks Android Android performance so that we get the maximum. Then, the apasih actually Tweak it? And what did the functionality Tweak? For the user who is still a novice, definitely this question they often ask. Therefore, I will try the menjelaskanya briefly about the Tweaks and functions.

Tweak itself, usually in the form of a script that will be our input into the Build prop or folder. init. d. The function of the Tweak itself is quite varied, depending on the script used. There is a function to increase the performance of RAM, for gamming, for multitasking, for the look to make it more smooth, and much more kind. But to be able to install the Tweak, then root access is needed. Therefore, before you should have already done the root on your HH.

Install the correct tweak tutorials

In doing the installation Tweaks itself, there are two ways that you can try. There is a manual way, and there is also a more instant using CWM or Custom recovery. For that on this occasion, I will try to give a tutorial on how to put Two Tweaks. Either manually or via a Custom recovery. For the full tutorial, please see my explanation below.

How To Install The Tweak Manually

Typically, the author of the script Tweaks already gives a tutorial on how to install the Tweaks they created. But generally, you need some supporting applications in order to be able to install your Tweak runs perfect. Do I need to remind again, condition HH you must have root in a State so that these measures can be implemented. After that, please follow the steps below.

  1. First of all, you must install the application Root is Explore. Then application BusyBox, and the last Universal application init. d. All these applications you can get for free at Play Store.
  2. Next entry into application BusyBox, and then turn on. Then sign in again to Universal application init. d, then enable.
  3. Next step, open the application Root is Explore. Then search the script Tweaks that you want to install, then copy all the contents of the script.
  4. Still in the Root applications Explore, please go the Root directory, and then enter a folder System-> etc, and look for a folder named init. d.
  5. Then pastekan all script Tweak that last you copy into a folder init. d with how to create a new script file.
  6. After that, please change permision from the script file that you've created by way of touching and menahanya for a while. Later, the Options window will appear and please select "Permision". Use permision r-w–rr. In some cases, this permission does not work. You can change again be rwxrwxrwx or rwxr rwxr.
  7. This step is already done, now please do a reboot on your HH.

How to install a Custom recovery via Tweaks

For the second way is pretty easy, because you do not have to do the copy script Tweak and install it manually. Usually a few tweaks already fresh by the creators and wrap it in the form of a zip file, so that you can install directly via CWM, TWRP, or Custom recovery. The trick is also quite easy. Make sure you already have a Tweak in the form of flash zip. Turn off HH you then get into mode recoveri. Select install zip from SD Card, then select the file zip Tweaks you have. Already, now just do it install it without using the Wipe data.

How? Two ways to Install the correct Tweak it pretty easy isn't it? But remember, make it a habit of doing backups before doing any modding on your Android. In some cases, there is also an Android device that is experiencing the error after install the Tweak. To keep the case of the risk, there is no harm in you always do a backup before doing anything that concerns your Android system. I do not guarantee any damage which may be incurred, therefore it is. .. Please consider carefully all the risks that may arise. Good luck and Godspeed.

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Updated: April 9, 2016 — 4:16 am

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