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Usability and the purpose of Porting Rom

What the hell good is ported to Rom? And What Is Tujuanya Anyway? -Android operating system which is using an image of a green robot as a symbol of this is indeed quite a tumultuous market of the smartphone world. Didn't even take long this google hosts operating system shift brand-brand such as iPhone, Blackberry, and Nokia-owned Symbian operating system which had dominated.

The operating system in the form of open source makes Android quickly became popular. Due to its open source license, giving space and freedom for developers to do modifications to their liking. One of them is the freedom for the experienced users to create their own android rom, or better known by the name of the custom rom.

Understanding of the custom rom and ported to rom

Understanding Custom Rom

Custom rom is a modified android ROMs, so has advantages compared to the factory default rom. Because usually, the factory default rom or better known as the stock rom, contains only the standard features that are already limited by the manufacturer of the smartphone itself. So by using a custom rom, we can remove this limit. For example Dual SIM smartphone that originally only SIM 1 only supports 3 g, can be changed so the Dual 3 g so we can use the 3 g connection with SIM 2 only supports sinya EDGE or GPRS only. Quite interesting isn't it?

For users who are already experts, create a custom rom is not a difficult thing. However, for including me, novice users can only join using a custom rom-made others. Usually lots of strewn custom rom that was shared for free on the internet, you are only looking for a custom rom which corresponds to the brands of your HH. How the installation was also quite easy with either CWM according the tutorial usually have also been described.

Sense Ported To Rom

And then, what if you do not find a custom rom that suits your brand and type of your HH? Do not be concerned, you can still use a custom rom by way of porting. Ported? What is it? Well, my own less know devinisi certainly from porting. But according to my personal experience, I have a simple conclusion. That is. .. Porting is a way of changing the mount points that are on the file update script on a custom rom to fit with our HH point mout.

To put it simply this way. If A smartphone using a ' room ' 5 '' as a place to install the data room and '' 6 '' as a place to install the system, whereas Roman custom would we install using ' ' two ' ' as a place to install the data room and '' 4 '' as a place to install the system, then we will do the porting by editing the file update script owned custom rom, and change the '' two '' and '' Room 4 '' into '' rooms '' and 5 '' 6 '' room in order for the custom rom is able to run in H.H. us.

How? If my explanation is already complicated enough and makes you confused? Hehe … Sorry, I confused myself also have to menjelaskanya what ways. As for porting rom, usually done with a few terms. For example, the type of chipset must be the same as the mt6572 with the mt6572, as well as the android version level e.g. android 5.4.2 with 5.4.2. As for screen resolutions as well as the type of the screen used, does not seem too influential. To each his own, porting steps custom ROMs have a way different in the installation steps. Usually the author already include a complete tutorial.

Porting the simplest I've ever done is to change the file URboot.img and edit the updater script that is in the custom rom. But there is also some custom rom that has way more complicated, e.g. to change the file system on the custom rom and mereplace with the files from the stock rom.  Usually a few files in the lib folder are in lieu of and etc, and does not cover the possibility of file in another folder according the custom rom tutorial that you will install.

The function of the Ported Rom

So, what's the point of porting the rom? Good is actually simple. Ported to rom will be very helpful for the user who does not find a custom rom to type their HH, so they still have a chance to get the feel of a custom rom with finding a custom rom that suits the type of chipset as well as the android version they have. For example I. Never mind to search for custom rom, looking for a stock rom for Vertu X-Bo V1 that I have only been half-dead nyarinya. I have a hp bootlop time and need be flashed., already dozens of counter lift the hand by reason of '' sorry mas, hp is not a stock hence ''.

Finally I capital reckless browsing from halfway around the World East to West, I found them at the forum of Myanmar, and more … … I had to buy it at a price of 20 points (this forum system uses points as payment) which is equivalent to 6 dollars that I paid via paypal. Then my own flash via SP flashtools, and finally … my HP lives again from suspended animation.

Because it already has a stock rom, I became no longer afraid do circling looking for custom rom for HH I by way of porting. As a result … now I have 4 rom free I use in my HH, and I can replace-replace when bored. I.e. ROMs, rom, rom game specifically created music and the internet with 4 g signal in question, as well as the MIUI rom v5. So, do you dare to senekat me? If you want a smart, then don't be afraid to take risks. 😀

Updated: April 20, 2016 — 10:14 pm

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