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5 types of damage most often occur on the hp. After several months of not doing an update article in this blog because again take care of new counter, alhamdulillah this time Damaged Mobile blog will make an article about the top 10 damage common in cellphones, smartphones, handhelds, aka hp You hope by reading this article will make us do prevention before the same thing happens with apabile solutions has already happened.

This damage I sort by hp that go on the counter that we manage. The following 5 damage that frequently occurs at hp;

  1. The damaged parts of the usb connector. This damage is frequently the first order entry to the table service, starting from the type of tablet, blackberry, andromax, and other type of usb connector hp serves also as the charge connector.
    • Prevention, if want to do pengecasan do not rush entering the charger to the charger connector especially if inverted masukinnya, hadeh.. can-can enter service desk technicians and deh dapet money. hehehe
    • The solution, when the usb connector is damaged is not marked with the usb is plugged in or while mengecas sometimes go in sometimes not, then the only way by replacing the connector of cas. For the technician so that the powerful process of installation, please install with the help of a blower with direction from the bottom of the Tin so that the usb connector with a powerful merekat.
  2. Broken touchscreen. Not inferior to the first damage, damage to the touch screen also includes the most common entry to the table service. Most often due to the negligence of the user due to depressed, falls, and more.
    • Prevention, use the flip cover for your mobile phone and avoid out of Pocket pants.
    • The solution, if it is damaged must be replaced with a new touch screen.
  3. Totally off aka death total. Many due to falls and also because of the water.
    • Prevention, wear a flip cover on your mobile. At the time of the motor or outside the House when kehujanan quickly turn off and unplug the battery from your cell phone and then wrapped.
    • The solution, in kebasahan please be immersed in rice (rice not Yes). If still, please contact your nearest hp technician.
  4. Forgot the lock code. This due to negligence by the user too, it could be because it uses code that is complicated or dimainin sister sehingaa is locked permanently. This can also occur on the phone OS android are opened by using patterns.
    • Prevention, use code that is easy to remember so well on a phone that uses patterns to confining it to remember the pattern. So too with your gmail account should be remembered along with a password.
    • The solution, you can do a hard reset in accordance with the type of your cell phone, but if the hard reset does not catch fire then it should be done in flash and was rooting for android.
  5. Damaged flexible. Occurs on the cell phone in the shape of a flip has two pcb top and bottom combined with flexible, if this flexible damaged then it will cause the function pcb top of misbehaving like; white screen, no sound, spekaer button above does not work.
    • Prevention, when opening and closing the fold should be slowly, and if want to put your mobile phone then please shut down in the past flipnya.
    • The solution, if it is damaged then it should be made flexible replacement with new ones, if it is difficult then please contact your favorite:) technician.

So the five types of damage most often occurs on hp based on services that sign at the counter that we manage hopefully could be useful.

Updated: April 15, 2016 — 11:04 am

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