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How to get out of the Gmail account on your computer Easy Bro

Sign out of gmail on your need to write this because it is very necessary to maintain the privacy of your gmail account password or email is fine though, because is one product from Google which accounts are related to each other by other google products.

And if the gmail account is your main account which is also related to the facebook account, bb id, twitter, and others then it is necessary to keep watch at the time of entry or exit your gmail account.

How to get out of your gmail account on the computer in some browsers:

A. on the browser Chrome and Firefox

  1. Please to gmail inbox page
  2. See the photo at the top right corner of your profile
  3. Click the photo that profile and click ' Exit '

    How to get out of your gmail account on the computer.

B. out of the default Chrome

  1. See the menu in the top right corner of the logo of 3 lines
  2. Click and select Settings

    How to exit the account settings chrome

  3. Incoming settings click Disconnect your Google account
  4. Exit notification click longer disconnect your account.

    Way of disconnecting your gmail account in chrome.

Tips keep your gmail account: privacy


  1. Use incognito Mode in Chrome browser, so all your history, cache, cookis, and email that you write will be lost when you close the browser even if you forget to sign out.  The browser chrome's incognito mode
  2. If in Firefox we use New Private Window
  3. For typing emails and passwords do not use the keyboard when you are browsing using a public computer such as in a cafe or in the library, use the on-screen Keyboard.
    • Open in All Programs-Akcessories-Accessbility-On Screen Keyboard

      Typing without keynoard manual

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So the article is way out of your gmail account on a computer that's easy to maintain the security of your email and password, may be useful.

Updated: April 18, 2016 — 10:48 pm

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