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How To Control Your Android Smartphone Via PC

Rapid development of technology has now been able to control or control various things especially in it has a brain, one of which is the Android smartphone. Right now, the Android smartphones already can be controlled via a PC or laptop. Of course to control Android smartphone that required an application as perantaranya. Webkey applications is one way to control Android smartphone via a PC. In addition to functioning as an intermediary liaison between PC and Android smartphone, the application also has a function where you can get the askes full when control the Android smartphone without worrying about any obstruction from a distance. With this application, you will also be given full access to control Android smartphone, from reading and writing. The write or read access can be done directly through your PC. Not only that, how to control your Android smartphone via this PC also allows you to do penggilan.

Webkey applications have also provides a variety of additional features are certainly interesting, such as downloading or uploading the file, exports the contacts, copy various files from your laptop directly to your smartphone, have taken small screenshots or screeschoot, and can find out somewhere with menggunakann GPS. You also don't have to worry about such Android smartphone left behind, because using only a laptop, then you already like using a smartphone. Given the current smartphone already can be controlled and accessed in full via the PC.

Tutorial how to control android smartphone via a computer

Please also note that the application can operate in two Webkey method, i.e. can directly install the application into the smartphone as well as access through a web interface. One thing to keep in mind is the komukasi that exists between smartphone with web this can only happen if the services of the application the Webkey lit. Not only that communication between the two also require a stable internet connection, either on a PC or smartphone. Here are the steps to use the Webkey application as one way to control Android smartphone via a PC.

How to control Android with Webkey:

  1. First make sure your smartphone in conditions already diroot
  2. Prepare your laptop which will be used to set the Android
  3. Be sure also the stable internet connection
  4. Then install the Webkey, and wait the good until completion
  5. Next go to applications and select Start Service
  6. Give the check option "Keep Alive Connection to". The point is so that You can connect via the web to be able to control your smartphone Android
  7. At the Nickname at the server, the contents of Your Android device name, the point is to be able to detect when a connection on the web
  8. Visit the website of the application through the browser in the PC Webkey
  9. Then enter the nickname you created in the beginning, select Connect
  10. Next you need to register and create a new account that will be used to connect with an Android smartphone
  11. Reopen the application Webkey via smartphone. Please enter a username with a password that has been previously created.
  12. The final step in return to the web via a PC, and then enter a nickname which earlier have been made, then automatically you can control Android smartphone via PC

So the stages using the Webkey for Android you can control remotely using your pc or laptop, hopefully this information is useful.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 3:10 pm

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