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The weakness of the Application and advantages of Android on Applock

When you use a mobile phone may be in it a lot of privacy such as messages, pictures, or other possible others may not know what else to open it. There are several ways so that you cannot open the privacy of others one is installing the application lock so that other people don't know.

About application applock

In there is a download application android smartphone application i.e. play store inside there are lots of android lock application with facilities and features which are quite complete, and below a few application locker/lock app on android:

  1. CM Security Applock Anti Virus.

It is one of the antivirus application locker equipped at once, so you can have an application lock and anti virus sakaligus without the need to download two applications.

  1. App lock

It is one of the applications for android in order to lock your android and its security is quite good and difficult to hack.

  1. Applock Master

Application locker is a pretty good android and looks better than other applications because it comes some new features.

  1. Folder Lock

Is an application lock multiple folders as you want so you don't lock up all the folders but only a few, and this application is quite different from the other applications.

There are several advantages of using lock application for android smartphone:

  1. The security of your phone without waking anyone else figure it out.
  2. Privacy such as pictures, video, and also the message could not be opened to others.
  3. Usually fitted battery so the battery-saving applications of your smartphone will remain durable.
  4. Other people can't use the phone without your knowledge.
  5. An application lock has many models like the pattern, pin, fingerprint, etc.

In addition to the advantages there are also drawbacks to lock application for android smartphone:

  1. If you forget you have to use email to open password and you will be a little trouble let alone are still beginners.
  2. If you are using a fingerprint sometimes password can not be opened if your hands are dirty.
  3. When you wear the pattern there is usually the pattern so that the former can be used by others.
Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:08 am

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