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What Are The Characters In Clash Of Gaming Clans

You like strategy game? Have Gaming Clans Clash Of applications installed on your android phone? for those of you who have yet to install the game Clash Of Clans on your android smartphone. You must download the game the best strategy.

For most people, a Clash of Clans are familiar ditelinga. Because this game is not only played by young children, even teenagers to adults very like to play this strategy game. Like other great games – game, you can join into Clans Clash Of communities in each region you. Why the Clash Of Gaming Clans is so popular?

Clash OF Clans is a war strategy game where a player will be given keluasaan to build a city and fortress defense. The game is very interesting because you have to organize the city with my best – it's good. Each building has a role and fugsi respectively. So the better you organize your building, the impenetrable fortress of you.

Characters or troops in Clash Of Gaming Clans are divided into Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, the Dark Forces Exilir and Heroes. Every part of the army has the capability and characteristics of each. The following penjabarannya

  1. Tier # 1 – in this part, the invasion force consisted of Barbarian, Archer, and goblins
  2. Tier # 2 – in this section, consisting of the destroyer forces Giants, Wall Breaker, Bolon, and Wizards
  3. Tier # 3 – forces far more powerful than Tier 1 and Tier 2, consists of a Dragon, Healer, and PEKKA
  4. Dark forces Exilir – in this section consists of the Minion, Hog Riders, Valkyrie (Mitoligi), Golem, Witchers, and Lava Hounds
  5. Heros – last part consists of Barbarian Kings, Queen Archher, and Grand Warden. They are the eternal hero and only trained once. They are called by the altar, and not trained at the barracks like other forces.

Army Tier 1 is very useful when used in very large quantities. Because of the damage inflicted by the troops of the Tiered 1 not too impacting. Very suitable for defense against the fortress with a single.

Tier 2 troop strength levels have better than tier 1 or troops. These forces can destroy the enemy's fortress walls with ease, and can assault from the air using the forces of Ballons.

Tier 3 forces have the strength of a far more excellent than the Tier 2 and Tier 3. Because it is very powerful, the kind of forces the Tier 3 is very expensive and takes a long time to train it. Troops on Tier 3 can destroy the city with only a few troops only.

Dark forces Exilir is a very expensive, and hard to find. An army may only be trained in Dark Barracks.

Army of Heroes was the army who could not die, as well as being the strongest forces in the Clash Of Clans. This forces need only be trained once and be regenerated if it loses. Very interesting is not a Clash Of Gaming Clans is this? for you lovers of game strategy mandatory installs this strategy game.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:27 am

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