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What Are The Newest Clans Clash Of Characters

What the hell is the latest clans clash of characters that have been updated? For you lovers of the game Clash Of Clans or commonly referred to with the COC, the latest update is the closest thing in waiting – waiting for. This is because there is always a corresponding update, which will be in excellent new quest, to the characters or new troops.

In the game Clash Of opposing Clans against invasion of the city is the main thing to get Gold and Elixir which can be used to build the city. In the assault against the town it takes an army of opponents or on game is called with the troops. Troops were prepared for the troops – attack or protect the city. Troops are divided into several groups where each group has a character with the extended respectively.

The group – in troops is divided into five parts including troops tier one, tier two troops, troops tier 3, troops dark elixir, and Troops Heroes. There are three troops added to update the latest clash of clans. The troops include Lava Hound (Troops Dark Elixir), Bowler (Troops Dark Elixir), Grand Warden (Troops Heroes).

Lava Hound

Lava Hound is one of the types of troops that have the characteristics of a large-bodied stout, glowing red eyes like lava and has wings. Lava Hound is an existing new toops in the Clash Of Clans. This defense menyerangan troops directly into the Air Defense base opposed. Lava Hound is on the Troops Dark Elixir so that excellent ability. In addition to having a large blood, he also has a sizable attack impact. Lava Hound is suitable as a bearer of good body to protect the assault on the back line.


Clans Clash Of the latest update also brings up a character like shreek however blue named Bowler. Bowler is also located on the Troops Dark Elixir so that it has an incredible ability. Bowler can be made by utilizing a few hundred Elixir and using Housing (a place in the Army Camp) as much as 8 units.

Quite an interesting Bowler attack because of the impact of the spread or the splash area, so it is not just about one target alone however many targets at once. Bowler attack by throwing stones in the direction of buildings or enemy.

The Grand Warden

The Grand Warden is one of the newest hero on the Troops. The Grand Warden is one – satuya hero creation using Elixir. You can make this with hero 6,000,000 Elixir and recently can be made when you already have the Town Hall 11.

This hero is a kind of support which has two powerful abilities. This ability is life Eternal Aura and Tome.

Life aura is the power of grand warden which can increase the hitpoints or blood of the troops which are on its circles. So that your troops will not be easy to die. While the Ability is the ability of the Tome of Eternal grand warden who made a number of forces are immune to attacks within a few seconds.

It's her new character of clans clash of the latest updates, add the forces in war you win the match quickly and easily.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 11:37 pm

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