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What is Thin Film Transistor Screen Android Smartphone

Do you know the kind of Thin Film Transistor screen on your android smartphone? Or you know just the LCD screen? Basically there are several types of screens are used both on a smartphone or computer screens and laptops. Thin Film Transistor, or TFT display screen is one that has been used by some products such as Smartphones, Samsung, LG and a few other products l.

TFT display has the edge in sharpness, color depth, and resolution far leih good compared to the LCD screen. In addition it also has a TFT screen display sharpness that allows touch response with a very good and fast when compared to Smartphones that use LCD screens.

TFT screen or Thin Film Transistor is a screen of LCD flat-panel that every pixelnya is controlled by one to four transistors. TFT screen mounted on a smartphone will give the image sharpness and color. This is due to transisteor that controls each pixel of the TFT can improve image quality, contrassm and addressability on a smartphone. Thin Film Transistor screen has now been widely used on some devices such as televisions, computer monitors, mobile phones, video games, screen up to GPS. This is due to the capabilities offered by TFT screen, allowing movement on your screen looks very fast.

 On Android smartphone, Thin Film Transistor Screen has also been widely used. Initially the TFT screen is created from the development of LCD screens and CRT. Old CRT Tenologi we know is certainly ancient and has been very very large forms. But the power of the display and sharpness of the CRT screen is much better than LCD. Karnanya made a tenologi development of CRT with a slimmer form and combines the technology of the LCD screen to the screen with Thin Film Transistor, or TFT. Why TFT display has a sharper picture than LCD screens? This is due to the transistor that controls the pixels of images able to refresh or re-painted every fraction of a second.

Although Thin Film Transistor Screen has a myriad of excess. This technology also has some drawbacks, one of which is a wasteful batteries. Android Smartphone that uses this screen technology, valued more wasteful batteries due to centralized power used on the performance of transistors on the screen. The more you elevate the brightness of her the more wasteful of your android smartphone. Besides the TFT screen digunakanpada laptop even though it is very rare you'll probably encounter Dead pixels. Dead Pixel is a State where a few transistors failed or damaged in degrading the image giving rise to small black dots, red, putrih, or blue above the screen of your computer or your smartphone.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:57 am

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