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Sophisticated WhatsApp 2.12.7 Latest this year

Whatsapp 2.12.7. -The increasing day by day, increasing also the sophistication of today. For example, the increasingly sophisticated application, because every application is definitely an upgrade ever. This upgrade is done with added features, display an increasingly simple and elegant, he added some emoji app WhatsApp, the faster the performance of the application.

Now we will introduce the application of WhatsApp for android you, you didn't follow the times if you are not using the application, because the application of WhatsApp features enough performance faster than other chat apps. So don't be misjudged on the application WhatsApp.

Most of the Android users would already know whose name WhatsApp, but this time we will introduce its newest version of WhatsApp application in the year 2015, i.e. applications WhatsApp 2.12.7. There are several new features that are provided in the latest application 2015 WhatsApp 2.12.7, below are some unofficial changelog on WhatsApp 2.12.7.

Please download and install the latest 2.12.7 whatsapp here

Unofficial Changelog WhatsApp 2.12.7.

  • Updated countries files
  • P.s. No changes in any drawables
  • Updated translations
  • Added option for VoIP JNI OpenSL engines, engines, disable P2P VoIP in debug menu
  • One string added to ask permission to record calls

New features are always issued when the application is upgraded, the WhatsApp has quite a good performance and not lelet. If you are afraid your WhatsApp application got banned, you can download WhatsApp WhatsApp 2.12.7 official website directly, so you do not doubt and fear no taxable banned.

Whatsapp 2.12.7 until now has not been available on Google Play Store. Why is this so? Because the developers are still testing this version 2.12.7 WhatsApp 2015 with some new features for a try by most users because WhatsApp 2.12.7 still haven't dared released if there has been no trials such as this, unless it's been stable, new latest 2015 2.12.7 WhatsApp is ready for release on Google Playstore and you can download it.

Now try enjoy the latest version of 2015, please download and install it here: WhatsApp 2.12.7

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:46 am

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