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Why does the application Secret is removed in Android?

By 2015 we don't forget to always update and don't miss against new applications applications is booming and bustling in 2015. In the year 2015 is already quite crowded on android applications because there is a presence of social media applications for android and it's been quite a lot of the kinds of social media users. This time we will introduce an application sosmed that are booming in 2015 is the name of the application is the application secret. The application secret is indeed quite popular recently used by android users frequent updates on the internet, so that they know there's a new app out application and present, therefore he also didn't want to have to use the latest applications, for example as an application secret in 2015.

Why aplikassi secret is no longer there in the playstore.

A little about our history from the application secret. This secret application developed by Chrys Bader-Wechseler and David Byttow. Many features are provided in the application secret. But you need to know that your secret dreams application has been removed from the party. Google Play Store in android also has taken away that application, you may be surprised and disappointed to have started because you can't enjoy the application secret or one of social media. Then, what is the reason for the termination of the application secret in android? It turns out this secret application became one of the social media applications that are misused. How this secret application misappropriated by way of doing pembullyan against other users. Therefore, the application secret is removed and eliminated because of demands from the Government of Brazil.

Its history is a marketing consultant who found a photo of him naked and being accused of having HIV-positive disease in the application secret. Thus, the marketing consultants do not receive and report the application secret to court. The victim also demanded a lot of windows phone applications, such as Apple, Android, Cryptic to help the application removal process secret. If those demands were granted, all that is required will be fined as much as $ 9000/day if the application can still be downloaded and used by a user. This is the origin of the application secret is removed.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:11 am

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