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Why BBm Android Can't Invite

    Why Android Couldn't Invite FUEL-FUEL is one of the many social media used by the user ineternet.  Starting from the lower layer of masarakat up to grade level officials. This illustrates that the FUEL is indeed a lot of devotees.

BBM cannot invite

However after some time the FUEL dilucurkan turns out to be not the least of the problems that often arise in the application of FUEL. Starting from BBM android can't invite their own pin, BBM Android can't invite contack, and we also often find the question Why android cannot open BBM, bbm why android couldn't connect, and why bbm android lemot.

1. Latest version of BBM upgrade
You can upgrade the FUEL with the latest version here

2. BBM Android can't invite own pin
There are several causes of the problem of fuel can not invite your own pin. Starting from problem applications, settings, and network. If the application then the problem is the solution you can replace the application with a new app by the way off of the old application, and attach the new FUEL applications. For the next issue, we will explain to the next subtitles.

3. BBM android can't invite contact
There are several causes of android can not invite contack. Starting from the problem application, setting up the network. If the problem is Your salakah settings, then check the network settings, select network wcdma, 3 g or 4 g.  By making such arrangements, the internet connection will FUEL more smoothly and the issue of FUEL can not invite contack will soon be resolved.

4. Why android cannot open BBM
The main cause of FUEL cannot open the Android is a network problem. Please check Your network settings, ranging from the quota of the internet, the type of card, the existence of the network until the network settings with wcdma (3). Rarely there are other issues that are causing fuel android can not be opened. So why android cannot open BBM is caused by network problems.

5. Why BBM android can't connect
As for the cause of why android couldn't connect fuel usually is caused by two factors. Between applications and network settings. If the application then please upgrade with the latest version can be downloaded here. So the cause why BBM android can not connect

6. Why bbm android lemot
The next question is why BBM android lemot? There are several factors that cause fuel android lemot. Here we will describe.

a. HP does not Support 3 g
HP that haven't been able to access the 3 g network to become the main cause of FUEL lemot. There is no solution for this case except replace yangsudah with hp support 3 g or 4 g.

b. BBM Server disruption
Server system FUEL disorder sometimes also be the cause of why bbm android lemot. Also in this case there is no solution except to wait until the server system back to normal. You can check the speed of internet bbm periodically

c. Ask for an upgrade
The application of FUEL is sometimes slow since version kadalaursa. For this problem please You upgare bbm with the newer version.

Demikiaan solid and simple short article on why Android couldn't invite bbm, bbm why android couldn't be opened, why bbm, bbm lemot android android can't invite their own pin, bbm and android can not invite contack. say thanks.

Updated: August 25, 2016 — 10:39 am

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