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Write IMEI Hp China Spiderman

Write IMEI Hp China Use Spiderman-Sometimes after we do the flash process or format using a box or without the box as an article about flash/format of hp china without some flasher box hp will lose its IMEI number so that when inserted sim card then the signals will not be out emergency signals alias.

In this article also discusses using UFs as interface for software Spiderman, if the term generally marry UFs with special Spiderman MTK CPU Yes. So later you can also format as well as flash and also in this article change the IMEI number is missing.

A. how to use UFs software with Spiderman

  1. Please take the necessary software;
  2. Plug your computer into the UFs, if requested driver please navigate to folders USB Driver UFs-me you downloaded earlier (don't forget diextract first rar file nya).
  3. Extract File UFs DirectCom then click URdirectcomsetup.exe install to complete,
    • then copy file DirectCom _ (' A ' Logo) and paste it into the folder C:Program FilesDirectCOM
    • Run the file DirectCom _ (' A ' Logo) above and click ' Apply ' Path
    • Stage install UFs DirectCom completed.
  4. UFSx directcom run from a shortcut on your desktop.
  5. Select the com port her e.g. ' com 10 ' then click ' Connec
  6. Then extract the URspiderman.rar, then run the software URSpiderMan.exe (Yellow House Logo)
  7. Once open, click ' Connect ' check ' Set New Port "and choose the same com with UFSx Directcom we have run above. in this example the ' wear DK 10 '.
  8. Stage box with UFSx to combine software Spiderman was done, for those of you who never used Spiderman then can to flash and the format of hp china.

The next stage is the process of using IMEI write Spiderman CPU requirement is a brand of MTK.

B. Write/rewrite the IMEI number on a hp china with Spiderman software;

  1. connect mobile with Your box,
  2. At the bottom right of the software on the EEPROM content of that section, the NVRAM with the IMEI of your hp, you can see the back of the hp. If it's not there then you can use another imei;
    • xxxx1 contents with the IMEI number on your mobile phone
    • xxxx2 content with second IMEI.
  3. Then click ' Do by AT ' then press the power button of your hp, and hp will live briefly and then die again.
    • If it didn't work then it could be diiulangi again the process and can you replace the ' Do by AT ' with ' Do by Meta ' because most hp there that matches one of the button.
  4. Completed

Thus the process of replacing the IMEI/restate the IMEI for HP china use Spiderman box with UFSx as interfacenya.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 6:27 am

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